K’Lavon Chaisson: Keeping it in the Family

A family is like a team, working together as a unit to reach a common goal. There must be accountability, trust, and teamwork to achieve success for each and every member. The people you call teammates, or family, can also be a guiding force through hard times, teachers, and one’s closest friends. These principles and ideas hold true to K’Lavon Chaisson. Chaisson, the 37th ranked player in the Class of 2017 and number five ranked player in Texas, is a Houstonian, which is a community built on family.

The highly touted Chaisson recently signed his letter of intent to play college ball at Louisiana State University. In Chaisson, LSU is getting a dominant speed rusher as the 6’4”defensive end proved during his time at North Shore High School. Aside from the numbers they are getting an athlete with a high intensity and passion for the game.

“I’d say I give 110% each and every play. I just want to be accountable and trustworthy to the coaches,” stated Chaisson.

This desire of accountability and yearning for a close-knit family is what made LSU a place he calls home now.

“They make sure it’s a family environment and they’ve done a job well done. They make sure everything is taken care of and tell you exactly what you need to hear vs. what you want to,” Chaisson informed.

Aspirations of an NFL career, let alone playing college football, at a school such as LSU are a dream of many and a reality for few. Chaisson explained dreams of football were not for him. “I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and say I’ve always dreamed of playing at the next level or I’ve always dreamed about playing in the NFL because that’s not true. The inspiration to play the sport was something that ran deeper. With my size and the tradition in my family involving the sport, it was sort of an obligation or you were looked at differently,” said the former North Shore star.

Growing older however, he has developed an unquestioned passion for the game that he has achieved wild success in.

Chaisson speaks highly of his family’s rich tradition in between the lines. With nearly every male in his family having step foot on the gridiron, it was only fitting that he would take his place as well.

”I definitely couldn’t be the one who broke the tradition, especially after the size and athletic ability god had blessed me with,” as Chaisson made a point of.

Expectations in a family can be a rather large weight no matter where they come from. Expectations from one’s father though can weigh just a bit heavier than most. His father was arguably the best player in the family. Kelvin Chaisson, his father, was a linebacker at Baylor University from 1999 to 2001. Thus only making the expectations even higher for K’Lavon and his father.

With his father unexpectedly taken away, the old sports motto of next man up came into play. In K’Lavon’s case, it was next woman up as the women in his life played an extremely influential role in shaping who he is today. A family as a whole that he credits for its unbelievable strength. His mother has always been his rock and provided guidance. “It takes a strong woman to take care of three kids by themselves,” he explained. “She is a strong woman and I could never take her for granted.”

With a strong support group and “team” of his own, he knows success is within reach. Acknowledging that even with all the strength and courage his family shows, there is still room to continue to learn and grow as a person. Chaisson knows handling adversity without losing composure is at an all-time high. His family will be right in his ear telling him right from wrong and the lessons he has learned from them has shaped him into the quality player he is.

Humility is something easily seen by others in Chaisson’s goals for the future. Many in his position would be aiming towards an NFL career, but this is not the case for K’Lavon. He simply just wants to be able to take care of his family, as he believes he owes them everything.

Football has to end someday and he is looking at education as something that is everlasting. He knows that universities exploit athletes for millions of dollars for their athletic performances while athletes receive a free education. Chaisson is looking to captialize on all LSU has to offer academically.

He said, “You can’t take away my knowledge. The knowledge I gain can lead me to thousands and millions if I do what’s in the script the man above has written for me.”

With his career in football and beyond only beginning to take shape, Chaisson has a long way to go on the road to success. The humility and support of his family will carry him as he holds all the potential in the world as an individual on and off the field. For K’Lavon Chaisson, it truly is a family affair.

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