NCAA: Ramifications of FBI Probe

When I was a kid, my family lived in a suburb in Los Angeles. One night in 1994, my dad came running in and woke me up. I woke up to my parents in a panic hustling my younger brother and I out the door. We hurried into our car and drove across the street where there was a park. We slept in our car that night and came back in the morning. No one knew what we would come back to.

This the situation the NCAA is facing right now. There has been a FBI investigation for years into colleges and huge sporting apparel companies and if money was funneled to high school stars.  These stars would then choose colleges according to whoever paid them the most, allegedly.

The FBI probe that is currently underway has not yet been released, but it could shake the college basketball landscape forever. A part of the investigation was released in September. What we know is that there are a handful of assistant coaches, according to Yahoo reports, that are involved.

The schools involved are some of the most highly regarded universities in the nation, Duke, UNC, and USC to just name a few. The NCAA is not conducting this probe either, instead, they are waiting on the sidelines to see what and who will be revealed as breaking NCAA recruiting rules.

College sports has always been a mess. The NCAA makes 80 to 90 percent of its’ money on one single event, the Men’s’ NCAA Basketball Tournament. A misconception is that the organization controls college football they do not. This is the predicament their cash cow is in now.

People, for years, have been arguing for student-athletes to get paid. The other side of that coin is that the people getting paid would be very small and this would take money away from other sports programs at college that do not make much money.

Very well-respected coaches are eventually going to fall by the wayside, after this probe. We should not speculate as to who did what until all the facts are released.  But, the NCAA is doing the right thing allowing the FBI to take control and shake up the system.

The NCAA will have to pick up the pieces this probe leaves behind.  What is Adam Silver thinking?  Should the NBA keep the one-and-done rule? The NCAA will now be labeled corrupt. Will the NBA want their top prospects to have to go through this process?

What should happen is that they allow players to play in a European league or the G-League.  The probe is going to change the way we see college athletes forever. The NCAA will have to pivot and make hard decisions. Hopefully, these kids will come out and share their stories.

 The NCAA, on the other hand, needs to wait out the earthquake. When they get back home they will have to decide what and who to keep and get rid of.

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