World Cup: Top 10 Players in the Field

A new generation of young players have emerged in the soccer world. There is that fresh feeling when new young stars rise and not only in their respective clubs, but when they put on their national team’s jersey and play for the biggest prize of all in soccer. There are a number of players to watch out for in the World Cup, but it can be narrowed down into a top 10 list. These are the players who will be the most exciting to watch and of course the top performers this summer in the World Cup.
From the bottom, we can start with Philippe Coutinho who is a midfielder with Barcelona and the national team of Brazil. He is known mostly for his ball control in tight spaces and his high IQ. That should not be a surprise as he comes from a country in Brazil that cherishes the game of soccer and has had many legends in this beautiful game. The ninth player on this list would have to be Paulo Dybala who plays the forward position for Juventus and Argentina. This is another young stud who has great quickness off the ball and able to strike against goalkeepers to keep them on their toes.
The upcoming rising star in Kylian Mbappe who is number eight on the list plays for Paris Saint-Germain, PSG, and France national team. This young man’s game already resembles a French great in Thierry Henry and Henry has acknowledged the fact that he can be something special for France. He can line up on the right and left side and come accelerating at a high speed with the ball at his feet and can make plays for himself or his teammates. He is young and needs to develop in the area of big moments to make plays for his team in order to get them over the top. The next player is actually a quiet player in Romelu Lukaku who is a forward for Manchester United and Belgium’s national team. The Belgium team is a dark horse team in general and they have some dark horse players who will be considered underdogs in this tournament. Lukaku is a big body in a way like Luca Toni from Italy a decade ago. He has the striking power to put the goal keeper on notice and can make his own plays on smaller defenders.
Like Belgium, the Egyptian national team, Egypt,  has a surprise team with their leading star Mohamed Salah who is number six on the list and also plays for Liverpool. He plays the midfield and forward position. He is only 25 years old and has been transferred through many clubs until he found a home in Liverpool. He is just a goal scoring machine playing 41 games scoring 26 goals with record in Liverpool of 24 wins and six losses.  In England, they have Harry Kane who makes the fifth spot on the list and also plays for Tottenham. He is a big man and also a goal scoring machine. In this season alone in his 28 game appearances, he has scored 24 goals. Kane has won the golden boot in two occasions and could be the type of player to bring a spark back into England that has been missing since the days of David Beckham.
Next on this list is Antoine Griezmann who plays the forward position for Atletico Madrid and the French national team. He is quick, savvy, and can make plays with his feet. The only thing great other than his goal scoring skills are his celebration skills as he knows how to spice it up when he puts the ball through the net. He is an important piece for this young French team to get the job done along with Paul Pogba and Mbappe.  The third best player in this World Cup is Neymar who plays for Brazil and made the huge transfer deal to PSG last summer. The Brazilian has really risen into one of Brazil’s greatest as far as ball control, goal scoring, and his competitiveness. He is the most valuable player to his team as we all witnessed what happened when he was injured in 2014. The Brazilian team had no life on the field and received a smacking from Germany. If Neymar can stay healthy this year, Brazil will have a huge chance of making it far in the tournament.
The top two players in this World Cup are unquestionably Cristiano Ronaldo at number two and Lionel Messi at number one. They both bring a spark to their team that can really determine their team’s chances. Ronaldo is a bigger player than Messi and can score in many ways, but does his Portuguese national team have enough to assist him? The only reason Portugal is even in these competitions is because of Ronaldo. Messi single-handedly put Argentina into this year’s World Cup scoring a hat trick in their qualifying match versus Ecuador. These two men are most likely in their last World Cup tournament and need to show up for their teams. Messi was really close last World Cup, but failed to find the net against Germany in extra time. This year he has better players around him and with Messi being the best ball distributor having key players around him can make the job much easier to accomplish.

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