Artie Henry III: Down, Never Out

From Sarasota to Fullerton is what Artie Henry III did after high school. His family had saved up money for him so that he could move to Fullerton and play ball. I wish I could say everything worked out in his favor, but it didn’t. His debit card was immediately tapped into after arriving in California and all his funds disappeared faster than a slice of pizza set in front of a child.

Henry III would go on to struggle during his two semesters at Fullerton in which he lost 10 pounds in a month due to starvation. He struggled at the academic level because he couldn’t buy books. There was one time in which he took a test and had no idea what he was doing. He also faced the trepidation of being evicted monthly. Things changed when an old friend told him to transfer to San Diego Mesa. The Floridian received the utmost support from his family even though they could not provide for him after the scamming incident. Family means a lot to him.

Henry said, “Family means everything to me. My family loves me and supports me 100% no matter what. They are always there if I need them and they always have me laughing.”

Arduous times didn’t last for Henry III as better days lied ahead for him on the gridiron. One of the lessons he learned as an Olympian was “event plus response equals outcome.” That equates to the fact that uncontrollable matters will happen in life, but the only thing we can control is our response. The response dictates the outcome. That changed his perspective and cleared him of any mental blockades.

Henry III spent the last two seasons shredding defenses at receiver for the Olympians. At 6’1 185 pounds, he is a track star that is good at football. He runs right by defenders and it showed in his film as he had a 97-yard touchdown grab. It does not matter if you press him or play off of him as he will find a way to get by you. Henry III can make the tough catches on slants, posts, or even high pointing the ball in traffic.

It does not stop there. After the catch, he is dangerous as he is as slippery as a bar of soap. He does not go down easily on arm tackles and he could make a defender miss in a phone booth. The best part of his game is his cognizance of coverages. He works his way back to the sidelines on “go” patterns against Cover 2 and he finds the hole and settles in it when running digs, slants, posts, or spot routes. Henry III likes to block too as he aims to pancake defenders and doesn’t mind being a decoy if it helps get his teammates open.

The receiver out of Sarasota plays with a lot of intensity and it is because football is his outlet in life. Between school and his personal life, he tries to go on the field and exert all of his pent-up aggression. He always feels like he is one play away from changing the game and his teammates feed off of him. He identifies a lot with Chad Johnson.

“I feel like I have the demeanor of Chad Johnson. I’m very confident in my abilities and I like to talk trash. I just be out there having fun and enjoying what God blessed me with,” stated the speedy receiver.

Henry III’s second season at Mesa was one that resulted in 25 catches, 505 yards, four touchdowns, and a staggering 20.2 yards per catch average. “Be the best you that you can be” is what got him focused. He stopped trying to be like others and became the best version of himself. Being from Florida and playing in Cali is quite the combination when it comes to strapping it up.

“I love the training in Florida, it’s all about speed, strength, and explosiveness. Playing in Cali is good too because they also have a lot of good athletes. Competing against good athletes coming from two of the biggest football states is intense and fun,” explained Henry III.

Henry III will be playing football at Marshall this upcoming season. He plans on getting a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on the sports medicine aspect. One day he hopes to become an orthopedic or personal trainer. If he can dominate at the next level, he might be looking at a more fruitful career between the lines.

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