World Cup: The Overlooked Group

On December 1st, the groups for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament were drawn. Not surprisingly, there’s a death group in the tournament.

The death group for this summer seems to be Group F; Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea. However, some may speculate that the real death group is Group B; Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Iran. A death group consists of teams that are considered by critics to be the strongest group. In other words, a death group is a group with an overbearing amount of strong competitors. It’s a cliché commonly used by soccer fans as well as sports writers and commentators. Only two teams from each group advance to the knockout phase of the tournament while the other two head home early.

Next summer’s death group is clearly Group F since there are three strong competitors while in Group B, there’s only two. Without a doubt, Germany is heavily favored to win the group. Despite the fact that in the last two World Cup tournaments, the defending champions were eliminated prematurely, Germany aims to break that trend. Germany has much of the talent they had in 2014, and the team looks ten times stronger now and more focused. Germany leaving the tournament early is a pipe dream.

With Germany being the favorite to top the group, the question is who will advance to the knockout stage with Germany? Sweden is the favorite and here’s why; Sweden shocked the world and defeated Italy to earn their spot in the tournament. If Sweden can pull off a major upset against Italy, who have won the world cup four times, there’s no telling what Sweden is capable of doing this summer. The fact that they beat Italy to enter the World Cup has to make them a potential favorite to win it all.

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  1. Is Mohamed Salah the best player in the world right now? Also, good article, well writen.

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