WWE: Five Of The Most Unique Types Of Matches

In the world of professional wrestling, it’s always more than just a simple wrestling match between competitors in singles or tag team action. For the benefit of entertaining their audience to the fullest, the World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, has come up with a number of unique matches throughout history which have their impact. Let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining, violent, and memorable matches in WWE history.
1. Hell in a Cell Match (HIAC)
This is not an ordinary steel cage match. This match is far more intense due to the cell structure being close to 20 feet tall and weighing more than four tons! In a regular steel cage match, the winner is determined either by pinfall, submission, or by simply escaping the cage. However, in a Hell in a Cell match, the only way for someone to win is by pinfall or submission, as escaping the cage usually signals that the competitors will climb on top of it and fight on the top! It’s happened many times! The first “HIAC” took place in 1997 and so far there’s been a total of 38 of them. The most infamous match has to be the one in 1998 between Mankind and The Undertaker, during which Mankind was thrown off the cage and choke slammed through the roof of the cage! The Undertaker has the most appearances in this match as well as the most victories with eight. Shawn Michaels won the inaugural HIAC match, which happened to be against The Undertaker.
2. Inferno Match
Imagine two wrestlers fighting each other with the ring surrounded by burning flames! In this kind of match, the only way to win is by literally setting your opponent on fire! There have been four Inferno matches in WWE history and all of them have involved Kane. The first one took place in 1998 and it was between Kane and The Undertaker as Taker emerged victoriously. Kane and The Undertaker would again compete in this match in 1999 with Undertaker again emerging victorious.
3. “I Quit” Match
A very unusual sort of match. There’s only one way to win this match and that is for your opponent to utter the words, ” I Quit!” on a microphone. In this match, the referee has a role some announcers would describe as “traffic cop” because the referee is holding a microphone and during many points in the match will ask a wrestler if he wants to quit after they endure some kind of punishment. John Cena has been in five “I Quit” matches and has won all of them. The most infamous “I Quit” match took place in 1999 between Mankind and The Rock where Mankind took almost a dozen chair shots to the head! It’s known as one of the most violent matches in WWE history.
4. Falls Count Anywhere Match
A match where a pinfall or a submission doesn’t even have to take place in the ring! In this kind of match, the competitors will fight all over the place. The match will start in the ring and will finish in odd places such as the parking lot or even in the crowd! Heck, the match could even end in a concession stand! That’s the nature of this match. The match has also been known as a “Hardcore” match, but in the days of the “Hardcore” match, the battle got pretty brutal. However, because the WWE is a PG-rated show, writers and producers have had to tone the match down. Nowadays, weapons aren’t used very match and we just see the competitors fighting all around the arena and, funny enough, sometimes the match will end in the ring!
5. Last Ride Match
Imagine a match where you win by stuffing your opponent in the back of a hearse and driving the hearse out of the arena! Well, that’s what this match is. There are no pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications, and no count-outs. Technically, there are no rules, just like in the previous four matches we’ve discussed. In WWE history, there have been only two Last Ride matches and they’ve both featured The Undertaker. The creation of this match had to be based on the “Deadman” gimmick of The Undertaker’s character. The Last Ride Match is certainly the match that best symbolizes who the Undertaker is.


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