NBA: The Four Destinations for LeBron

LeBron James‘s decision part two will be upon us this summer when he decides where his next destination will be.

There have been rumors of where he could possibly land and multiple reasons of how he fits with team rumored. James reportedly narrowed down his selections into four teams: the Cleveland CavaliersLos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ers, and the Houston Rockets. All four teams are great places for the James to join, but lets look at each of these destinations and how they would benefit LeBron as he is closing in on a legendary career.

If the Cavs can get back to the Finals with the basically a new look roster, LeBron might be enticed to staying in Cleveland. This option for LeBron seems the less likely because they have no future plans to go for a championship. The Cavs look like they are on their way of rebuilding and with LeBron close to the end of his career; he is probably looking for a championship contender type of team. Most of the players on the Cavs are all rental type of players and could be looking to play somewhere else following this season. There are a lot of convincing factors for James to not return to Cleveland unless this team around him can get the job done in the playoffs.

James Harden Chris Paul
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If James is looking to sign with an experienced team, the Rockets are his team. The Rockets are currently the leagues best team with the core of James Harden, Chris Paul, and Clint Capela. There will be a sign-and-trade option for the Rockets to bring James along this offseason to complete the big move. The question remains is how far will this current Rockets team go and if they stand a chance against the Golden State Warriors. It will be interesting to see how the Rockets can take a great regular season into the playoffs and make James interested in playing with them next season.

Joel Embiid
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With the young talent still on good deals, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric and Robert Covington, the Sixers have enough cap space to sign James. The city of Philly would be stoked of having a player like James to go along with their. With already having the money, roster, and the gratification of playing in the Eastern Conference, the Sixers are a prime spot for James to sign with this offseason and try to bring the city of Philadelphia their first NBA title since 1983.

Lonzo Ball
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Since Magic Johnson was hired by the Lakers as President of Basketball Operations last spring, there has been this feeling of rejuvenation in Los Angeles. The Lakers have enough cap space for two max superstar deals this summer. Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George is rumored to sign with the Lakers if he does not resign with OKC. With the current roster the Lakers have and can potentially have next year, the additions of George and LeBron can make the Lakers legitimate contenders in the West.

The best situation for James would be the Lakers. The young core of  Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma, and have a better cap situation than the other three teams. Johnson and James have a respect for each other due to the resemblance of their playing style.

Johnson will take care of LeBron, surrounding him with a team that can contend. With Los Angeles being the biggest market out of the four teams and James already having a home Brentwood, the Lakers look to be the right move. The Cavs have shown to be irrelevant without James, the Rockets still need to show they are not just a regular season team and Sixers have yet to prove anything.

The young team of the Lakers combined with two potential superstars like James and George can be a problem for multiple teams in the Western Conference for years to come.

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