Lamy Constant: Swiss-Army Knife

New York is known for helping foster musical artists like Biggie or Jay-Z or producing basketball players like Stephon Marbury or Kemba Walker. Football has always taken a back seat in NYC. They have three professional football teams, but everyone will always point to the New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets as the franchises that run the state. 2020 athlete Lamy Constant is looking to earn some respect for players that come out of New York that go against the grain playing football. He plays basketball sometimes and he knows how to hold his own on the court, but he knows where his meal ticket is. New York is slept on when it comes to football and Constant isn’t having it. He knows that nothing happens overnight so he is putting in the work necessary to turn heads.

Constant plays multiple positions on offense and plays in coverage on defense. He plays running back primarily in which he is a one-cut back as he gets north and south in an instance. He has the speed to go the distance as well. Constant is adept at catching the rock and he can occasionally line up out wide to route up corners. The best part about his game is that he plays with energy. You can tell that he genuinely loves playing and that energy he displays is authentic. The New York native takes pride in playing with his emotions on his sleeve. He also takes pride in being not only a complete back, but a complete player.

“Yes, I feel like I am a complete back. I think it’s all thanks to my physicality because I am always hype to get up in there and block for anyone else on my team handling the rock,” said Constant. “I’ve put in work to the extent that now I am more than a complete back. I can excel at any position on the field against any competition because I put so much work into myself to be more versatile. Also, to be the player that a coach would want on the field in any scenario.”

The four-star athlete emulates Darnay “Proway” Holmes who started as a true freshman for the UCLA Bruins. He praised Holmes for his versatility and he got to meet him recently in which he called him the GOAT, greatest of all-time.

There is more to Constant’s game than being a versatile player. As a running back, he relishes the opportunity to use his strength to run players over at six-foot, 191 pounds. Also, he still has the ability to juke defenders without losing speed as well because he is explosive. His strength and explosion are two things that he thinks make him a special player. Constant does a lot of box jumps and power cleans to help him on the field.

Constant, the 78th rated player in 2020 according to 247 Sports, is aiming to be a top 10 player in his class when it is all said and done. He talked about what he has been doing this offseason to get him closer to that lofty goal.

“I train Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays. I’ve been focusing on putting on some more size, getting faster, and more explosive. Right now, I weigh 191 and I’m planning on being around 200-205 for the season comfortable enough to just punish opponents on both sides of the ball,” stated Constant.

Currently, the NYC athlete has offers from Michigan, Rutgers, Temple, and other schools. He plans on getting more offers as the number one rated player in his state. Also, Constant is looking to earn his fifth star as a recruit. New York might be the home of hip-hop’s origins and rich in basketball tradition, but it also is the home to one of the most promising players football has to offer.

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