UEFA Quarterfinals

We have reached the last eight of the UEFA Champions League, UCL, this season and there are two interesting matchups that people should be looking forward to. There will be a clash between Pep Guardiola‘s Manchester City squad and Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team as well as the Champions League Final rematch between Juventus and Real Madrid.

Let’s start with the Barclays Premier League, BPL, rival matchup between Manchester City and Liverpool where both teams know each other and have already played each other in league play. It was in one of the most thrilling matchups in Barclays this season with Liverpool edging out a 4-3 win over their rivals in an upset.

Liverpool will have a bit more confidence coming in this round against their rival knowing they were able to give them their first loss of the season. Manchester City suffered a loss in their second leg from the knockout stage, but had such a comfortable lead that they could let up in the second game. Both teams are highly disciplined and led by wonderful managers in Pep and Klopp. Guardiola is always known for getting his teams ready for huge matchups as he did with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and now Manchester City. He will look to that defeat as a guide on how to not allow that many goals in a second go round against Liverpool.

Liverpool has a great manager in Klopp, but also have a standout in Egyptian native Mohamed Salah who is taking the BPL by storm. We can expect a tough first leg between these two clubs as Liverpool will have home field, but Liverpool should win the first game 2-1. In the second leg where we go back to Manchester City, Pep will have his lads take over that game and lead them to a dominating victory to send City to the semi finals.

The rematch of the UCL final in 2017 between Juventus and Real Madrid is this year’s quarterfinal round. Madrid picked apart Juventus in the second half with a convincing 4-1 victory to complete a back-to-back campaign last year. Real Madrid have not been all that great this year in La Liga, but when it comes to UEFA play they do what they have been doing the past two seasons in this tournament that is win.

Madrid has been hot in the tournament so far led by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo who leads all goal scorers with 12 goals. On the other side in Juventus, they have a veteran team that looked like they were on their way to elimination. However, they showed their experience against a young Tottenham team on the road, winning the aggregate score of 4-3.

Juventus would love to get revenge over the team that tarnished their title hopes with two chances to defeat them. They are still known for the great defense and with a legend at goalkeeper in Gigi Buffon. We can expect two tremendous games from two veteran and experienced clubs, but Ronaldo should be able to rally the troops to advance to the semi finals in the second game as it is in the Bernabeu.

These will be some interesting matchups that we can look forward to because it is between familiar opponents and lots of big name players and managers. The first game of both these matchups will be narrow wins for the home team and we will see if the home team of the second game can respond to send their teams the next round. Pep will have his club ready in the second game and they will advance. Ronaldo will be the leader he has been for Real Madrid and have the club continuing for the three peat.

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