BPL Golden Boot: Harry Kane or Mohamed Salah?

For the past few seasons, every single goalscorer in the Barclays Premier League, BPL, has submitted to Harry Kane as the effective king of scoring. However, there seems to be a new Pharaoh in town with the arrival of Mohamed Salah to Liverpool last summer proving to be a stroke of genius that next to no-one expected to come to fruition.

The Englishman and the Egyptian have been fighting it out all season for the right to be called Premier League top scorer. Despite their conflicting styles and ways that they score, they have managed a combined 52 goals in this season’s competition. 28-24 in favour of Liverpool’s main man.

It been the season-long narrative in the Premier League that it’ll take something special to beat Kane to the top scorer award and, as it stands, it looks like Mo Salah could very well be on the way to doing just that.

The Egyptian caught everyone by surprise when he started to score goals left, right, and centre. Despite playing a game more than his English counterpart, Salah has played nearly a hour less of football than Kane this season.

Salah is currently scoring an absolutely mental 1.06 goals per 90 minutes. Kane’s 0.89 goals per 90 is nothing to be ashamed of either, though. The Liverpool star also has an immense 24 percent conversion rate when it comes to shots and goals scored, that kind of scoring form is unheard of. The Egyptian has seven more games to score four goals to beat the single season (38 game) record for most goals in one campaign, which currently stands at 31.

The way these two Goliaths of the game go about getting their goals is starkly different. Kane relies on his lethal finishing touch in front of the goal coupled with his incredible positioning and footballing IQ. He is the perfect poacher to have as a single-minded forward up front in a team that truly lacks attacking depth. Even though he’s scored less than Salah, the Spurs rely on him much more. Kane has scored 40 percent of Tottenham’s goals this season. Salah has got 38 percent of the goals for Liverpool and he’s scored four more than Kane!

Salah scores a load of goals not because he’s the most versatile attacker or the most lethal finisher, but because he is absolutely relentless in the way he goes about getting his goals. His pace is unmatched, his pressing is second to none, and he is one of the best in the league at creating space for his teammates with his level of movement and unpredictability. He also walks all over Kane in terms of assisting abilities. His nine assists completely leaves Kane’s two in the shadows.

Looking towards the remaining fixtures in the league, Liverpool only take on Chelsea, who are in the top tier of the BPL, while the Spurs play both Chelsea and Manchester City. With Kane injured, it looks like it’ll be Mo Salah that takes this season’s top scorer crown. However, even at the kind of disadvantage he’s at, don’t rule out the Spurs star from the conversation. He really is inhuman when it comes to scoring goals as both of them are.

People are too quick to write off Kane as a striker because of his tendency to score penalties, but that simply isn’t true. Only two of his goals in the Premier League this season have come from that spot, whilst Salah has also got one from 12 yards out.

People slip into downright nonsensical back-and-forth when discussing Kane, Salah, and even others from the BPL. It’s about time we all take a step back and appreciate the stars that play in the BPL as it is filled with tons of talent starting with Kane and Salah.

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