NBA: The Conspiracies in 2017-18


As the NBA regular season begins to wind down, it is always fun to look back on the year and the story lines that came with it. As we all know, the NBA and the NFL have almost become soap operas in recent years. With the help of social media, we now see break ups, fighting, and people just going AWOL within organizations. The lines between these regular seasons and a show like “The Bachelor” are certainly faint. However, the plus side to being this close to the organizations is the “insider information” and closed door knowledge that we aren’t supposed to know certainly gets out there. People tend to have their own takes and thoughts about what “really happened” and such opinions have led to some very interesting conspiracies this year. Here are just a few:

Porzingis didn’t actually tear his ACL

Lets take a step back to February 6th, 2018. The New York Knicks were eight games out of the final playoff spot in the East. They were coming off three losses in a row and were two nights removed from losing to the, admittedly tanking, Atlanta Hawks in the Garden. That night they faced the Milwaukee Bucks again. In the middle of the game, Kristaps Porzingis skies to the rim for a huge jam over Giannis Antetokounmpo and comes down awkwardly and has to be helped to the locker room. Later, we found out he tore his ACL (Insert “Aliens” Guy Meme here),┬ábut is their even a sliver of a chance that maybe the Knicks and KP may have exaggerated a little?

While the injury was widely reported, lets think about it. After three losses in a row, it is totally possible that the Knicks front office saw a chance to throw in the towel on the season and let the tanking begin. KP may have hurt his knee a little, possibly something like a sprained MCL (I.E. Steph Curry), and instead of having Porzingis finish a meaningless season fighting back or through an injury, they just decided it would be best for their cornerstone player to rest up and get ready for next season. This would kill a few birds with one stone. New York could lose more games without the Latvian big man and get a better shot at a lottery pick. Also, this would allow young players like Isaiah Hicks and Luke Kornet to see their first NBA minutes all while their guy sits home and gets bigger and better for the next season. Intriguing.

LeBron knew about Kyrie’s knee injury

As the playoffs approach, one of the biggest story lines has been the health of Kyrie Irving. While he missed some games during the regular season due to a “sore knee,” in recent weeks, we have learned that this was much more than just a sore knee, hence the surgery Irving had on March 24th. It is now known that he will miss three-to-six weeks with this and this whole situation has led to this theory. We all know of the alleged beef between Irving and LeBron James this past offseason. Taking a look back to January 2nd, 2014, Irving sat out a game with a “sore knee.” ┬áSince then, there have been eight instances where Irving missed a game or games while dealing with some injury with his left knee. With that being said, coming off a Finals loss, could LeBron, who puts millions of dollars into his body every year, have known that this was coming and manufactured the “beef” between the two that ensued? Again, highly unlikely, but is some interesting food for thought.

The Warriors Are Resting for the Playoffs

This is the most believable conspiracy out of the trifecta. We all know that when healthy the Golden State Warriors are head and shoulders above every team in the NBA. In recent weeks, their four All-Stars have missed some sort of time with injury. Steph Curry tried to come back and then injured his knee. Draymond Green is “ill”, Klay Thompson hurt his thumb mid-game, finished the game, and now he is out a few weeks. Oh, and Kevin Durant missed time with bruised ribs.

This string of events all before the playoffs begin has to have some people thinking, “what is going on here?” This could be just a string of unfortunate events, but maybe the Warriors are simply over exaggerating their injuries. Maybe they magically will all return just in time for the first round. This also could be them saying, “we are this good” in that they don’t feel the need to carry their chemistry directly from the regular season to the postseason. Again, very intriguing.

There are more conspiracies that surround the NBA this season, but these three are constantly drudged up. We have no way of knowing if they are true, but it certainly helps with adding drama to the soap opera that is the association.





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