WWE: Five Changes Needed

The WWE is the worldwide leader in sports entertainment. Other companies may have talented performers, but they are the apex as there is nothing else like it. However, being the industry leader does not mean they are perfect. The WWE is great, but here a few changes that could make it even better.

Breaking Up Tag Teams

When the brand split first happened, the WWE appeared as it was having a second golden age of tag teams. The first golden age occurring in the ’90s during the attitude era with the likes of The A.P.A, The Dudley boyz, New Age Outlaws, The Hardy Boyz, Too Cool, and Edge and Christian. When the brand split happened the tag team division was cool again. Enzo and Big Cass, American Alpha, The Usos, The Hype Bros, Primo and Epico, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, Shameus and Cesero, and The New Day.

However, since then, the WWE made the decision to split Enzo and Big Cass. Big Cass has been hurt and Enzo was fired. Primo and Epico, you think would be able to get screen time with there being so much WWE content available today, but no. The WWE fails to push them and continue to repackage them. The Hype Bros, Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley were also split. You have to feel bad for a guy like Zack Ryder, who you can see the development in each year, and his former partner Mojo Rawley as they were failing at making it big as solo wrestlers. Keeping them together longer probably would’ve been beneficial to both of their careers.

American Alpha was also split. You can see the singles potential in Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, but being one of the hottest tag teams in NXT fans wanted to see what they could do against the main roster. Their tag team run was ended as Jordan is now on RAW and Gable is on Smackdown. They too should have stayed together longer before splitting.

Too Much Exposure

Fans are getting bored of WWE Superstars faster than normal. On Monday Night RAW, running three hours, we sometimes see the same guys in multiple segments. Certain wrestlers will even wrestle twice in the same night. Also, the WWE mix-match challenge is an issue. It is for a good cause donating money to a charity of the superstar’s choosing, but there is a lack of variety among the wrestlers competing in it. We see the same superstars on that show that we see on RAW and Smackdown and fans can only view the mix-match challenge on Facebook or the WWE Network. We all know the WWE has a strong fan base. They will tune in even if it is not the top guys performing.

The WWE should consider using other shows such as Main Event, which comes on Hulu as well as the WWE Network. Also, the Mix-Match challenge should be used to test out character growths and new character ideas for different superstars.

Ignoring the Fans

The WWE runs off of the fans. We understand that the WWE can’t give the fans everything they want every time because then there would be no reason to tune in every Monday and Tuesday night for RAW and Smackdown. But when you watch these shows and see the crowd chanting: “Rusev Day” that is a sign they want to see that particular superstar in a higher volume than what the WWE is currently showing him at. Superstars such as Sasha Banks and Braun Strowman have had the WWE fans behind them forever and fans, now, want to see them with the ultimate prizes in the business. That being the WWE Title and WWE Women’s Title. Listening to the fans is what propelled the WWE in the 90s. It seems over time they stopped listening and fans have been upset not getting what they want from the WWE.

Lack of Story Lines

There have been some great matches within the WWE. On the contrary, they quickly lose steam because the story lines are not as good or there isn’t one. An example would be Sasha Banks and Bayley feuding. No one even knows how this angle is playing out. Sure it will set up a match at WrestleMania, but the build up to it has been weird. Bayley is upset with Banks because she always gets the best of her. People aren’t understanding why Bayley is upset with Sasha because it was literally every woman on their own in those scenarios.

Some other examples of great matches with no story line would be John Cena versus Shinsuke Nakamura. It was great match, no argument there, but there was no story behind it and after the match was over both superstars just went their separate ways. Another was Finn Balor versus AJ Styles. Another great match between two great performers with no story line. Story lines are vital to the WWE because it brings the anticipation, build up, and have fans going home saying “I can’t wait to tune in next week to see what happens!”

Part Timers

The WWE arguably has the most talented roster in recent memory. So why continue to rely on the likes of part timers? Brock Lesnar, who is currently WWE’s Universal Champion, is almost never there and has not appeared on several pay-per-view events even though he is the champion. Goldberg when he was a champion was another example of a part timer holding a title. Even the main event of WWE’s biggest event, WrestleMania, featured a part timer The Undertaker versus Roman Reigns. Undertaker, Lesnar, and Goldberg are all legends and future Hall of Famers. However, you can’t imagine part timers battling it out for titles and headlining WrestleMania sat well with the full time talent in the back room. Part time wrestlers are not exactly a bad thing, but they need to be used in other ways not holding the WWE titles and main eventing WrestleMania.

The WWE cares about what the fans want we all know that. However, it does seem that they want to try their own things at times, which they really don’t need to. There is no need to upset fans because of selfish desires. The WWE just needs to give fans what they want.

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