UEFA: Can Liverpool Put Manchester City Away?

On April 10th, the second meeting between Liverpool and Manchester City in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League tournament will take place. Liverpool already leads 3-0 on aggregates, which means the odds are in their favor while M. City has their work cut out for them.

M. City came into this round as the odds-on favorites because of not only their stacked talent, but due to their ability to dominate and win games as a team. M. City has been dominating the English Premier League and came into this game on the verge of securing the Premier League title.

However, in Liverpool’s case, they came into this round facing a gigantic challenge. Liverpool shocked the world and beat M. City 3-0. Liverpool put M. City away within 31 minutes of the game. M. City made a big mistake. They underestimated Liverpool. And it cost them the game in a humiliating fashion. It’s not the first time as early in the season Liverpool upset M. City in a thriller 4-3 victory in Premier League play.

Game two is going to be in Manchester. Liverpool’s coming into this game motivated despite coming off a disappointing game against Everton that resulted in a tie. But M. City is coming into this game biting their nails as they’re coming off a 3-2 loss at home to their cross-town rivals Manchester City after blowing a 2-0 lead.

M. City needs to come into this game paying no mind to what happened in their previous two games. Focusing on past mistakes will affect their future goals. M. City is going to have to step on the pitch and score some goals quickly and not stop. M. City’s going to need to be effective in attacking, as well as defending. They can’t afford to allow Liverpool to score anymore as it’ll bury them deeper and deeper.

Liverpool needs to come into this game the same way they came into the first meeting. They need to be concentrated. The most important thing Liverpool needs to do is to avoid making the same mistake M. City made. They can’t underestimate M. City.

Because Liverpool has a 3-0 lead on aggregates, they’ve got to be the favorites. Since they’ve pulled off two major upsets against M. City already, they’re certainly capable of putting them away for good. Liverpool’s going to have to score some goals in the early going and play defense for the rest of the game and not allow M. City to have any opportunities.



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