Bruno Ierullo; The Stroke of an Artist

Like an artist crafting a masterpiece stroke by stroke, laboring over his work, Bruno Ierullo works tirelessly at his craft. The world-renowned fashion designer has built a career based on passion, desire, and love.

His career, while positive, also has been marked by tragedy, compassion, and overwhelming support from those closest to him.  When it comes down to it though for the Italian-Canadian designer fashion is his life’s work.

It is almost everything for me, it is a very high note when I see,” said Ierullo. “I am absolutely ecstatic, I get goosebumps. I will stand there in my own world, look at what I just finished because I guess what I see, three four, five months previous and then what I have made.”

After unveiling his first collection to the world in 2009 in an independent runway production, Ierullo has become known for the emotion and uniqueness of his work.  The designer has what he describes as an ever-changing style, one that varies from collection to collection.

The quality in every design, every stitch and everything that he puts his name on is always a priority. All of the collections are high-end fashion and materials with everything made from scratch according to the Toronto based designer. Ierullo draws his biggest satisfaction from designing, cutting, manufacturing and making clothes. This is a time-consuming process, but one that is worth every second when all is said and done.

I just love seeing the final garment done and finished,” Ierullo said. “It just excites me, it is like finishing a painting. If it just comes out the way you want it, there is just that excitement.”

Just like in his normal day-to-day attire comfort and wearability is always a concern in all of his work. Letting people feel empowered in his clothes is a priority, forcing people to like his designs is never the goal. Ierullo understands that fashion must be transparent and up to the individual.

Moving forward, making garments that are fun, accessible and continuing to expand as an artist is the main goal at hand for the designer, something he has focused on in his past work.

In his recent collection, Ierullo’s abundance of color is difficult to ignore, just like the passionate way he speaks about his work. The colorful trend will continue into his upcoming work that is set to be released 2019 and 2020.

Tending to always be on the colorful side in his work, Ierullo has been critical of dark and gloomy colors, unlike many traditional designers. With his work coming from somewhere deep within, the finished result is a representation of how he wants people to feel while wearing his art: happy and comfortable.  

This expression of emotion is not enough for the innovative artist, as he is consistently exploring with cuts, placement, and even the stitch. A process that can take up to eight months at a time is well worth it if it recreates the original image he has created uniquely for himself.

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When I design, I see the garment finished, complete the material, the color, the model coming down the runway, I actually have a complete photo memory of, not even memory but a photo of what I am looking for,” Ierullo said. “My challenge is making it look exactly like what I saw when it’s finished.”

Typically for an artist of this nature, it is the process of creating a design that becomes extensive and exhaustive. But for the designer who held a show inside of an airplane hanger, that is the simple part, a process that is fluent for him. Drawing on the culture of society around him and letting his imagination run wild hundreds and thousands of ideas are all-apart of the creative process.

The self-taught designer has roots in the field of fashion from a young age. Ierullo does not follow the norms of the industry, instead he learned what he knows from his mother and grandmother. Ierullo has never been one for following the standards, which is why it was only fitting that his first show was over 200 pieces. While this show was his coming out party in a sense to the fashion world, his momentum in the industry was to be put on halt.

While his career had just begun to take off with interviews pouring in, a movie about his work set in motion, and the fashion world clamoring for more, the family-first artist made his career an afterthought. His mother had recently fallen ill. She was his biggest supporter and perhaps the only thing that he loved more than his designs. The two had an extremely close relationship, “together we were fashionistas.”

At arguably the top of his game in 2013, the designer walked away from his craft and took care of his mother. Day and night for three and a half years he was there for her, a decision that was a no-brainer even looking back. Despite her illness, she continued to push her son to continue his work, always encouraging him to focus on the art, not the money. Fortunately, it has and according to Ierullo always will be the art that comes from any financial decisions. “She loved fashion, she is the one who got me into fashion.”  

Now with a return to the fashion world, Ierullo is sticking to what he knows best, color. Drawing on the world around him, he once again believes in a world that at times can be gloomy, but the reds, greens and blues of the world are there and able to provide an uplifting spirit, possibly in the same way his mother was able to uplift his work. Ierullo describes himself as “optimistic,” a fitting term for a designer that looks to provide color to a world that at times can be so dark.

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