Can Real Madrid Put Bayern Munich Away?

Real Madrid is one win away from reaching the UEFA Champions League final for the third consecutive time. Cristiano Ronaldo and company are determined to win it all for the third consecutive time. After taking game one with a 2-1 win over Bayern Munich, there’s nothing but confidence among the squad, especially because round two is taking place in the Spanish capital, giving Madrid home-field advantage.

Madrid needs to take it away the second the game kicks off. They don’t want to waste any time in securing the victory in the second leg and booking their ticket to the tournament’s final. That being said, Madrid cannot afford to make any mistakes as one mistake will change the game’s rhythm. In other words, the team can fall apart and their journey to winning their third straight Champions League title will end in a humiliating and heart-breaking fashion.

Madrid’s defense needs to be ready as Bayern’s offense is capable of anything. In the first leg, Bayern’s attack proved that they’re certainly capable of wearing out Madrid’s defense. In any case, the defense cannot misplace themselves and allowing Bayern to sprint down the pitch and threaten to score. Madrid’s defense made that mistake in the first leg and they certainly can’t afford to make that same mistake again.

Madrid’s defense took  Bayern’s dangerous attack very lightly for one second and it allowed Bayern to put themselves ahead on the scoreboard. If Madrid’s defense can manage to keep the ball away from their goalie and avoid giving Bayern any corners, then they will be in control. Madrid’s going to have to deny Bayern’s scoring attempts at all costs.

Madrid’s attack needs to pull through one more time. They had their work cut out for them in the first leg against a very solid Bayern defense, but they were able to find a way through it twice. Bayern’s defense made the same mistake Madrid made when they took Madrid’s dangerous attack lightly for one second, allowing Madrid to take the lead. This time, Madrid’s going to need to penetrate through Bayern’s defense quickly because Madrid needs to score some goals and they need to do it quick. Madrid’s going to have to score early to put themselves ahead and continue to score to keep themselves ahead.

The most important thing for Madrid to do is to work as a team. Everyone needs to do their job and execute. Both the offense and defense need to be ready to play. At this point, anything can happen but if Madrid can play well as a team they can send Bayern packing.



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