Is Westworld the Next Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones premiered in 2011. Seven years later, people are sitting at the edge of their seats for the last two seasons to surface. Not an instant success, but a success. A huge success. Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, fellow students– everyone seems to have the fever for HBO’s magnum opus.

A few years later from the release of Game of Thrones and we have Westworld. An equally daring venture generating similar hype. The much anticipated second season just aired April 22nd and then a follow up episode was on April 29th. After watching the first season and these first two episodes of the second, my conclusion on Westworld is steadily beginning to formulate.

Is Westworld the next Game of Thrones? No. Put simply… no, it’s not. Game of Thrones is driven by its story– a mythological quest to conquering the throne of the seven kingdoms. It feels real and organic. I can’t help but become overwhelmed by the perfectly built up battle scenes. My heart beating heavy all throughout The Battle of Blackwater. But Westworld is just… different.

For starters, the acting is poor. I can picture Maeve, Teddy, William, and a whole sort of the Westworld gang holding there scripts, just reading the lines on the page. The writing is… similar to the acting. Drama for the sake of being dramatic. Confusing for the sake of being confusing. If there’s one thing the Westworld writers are passionate about, it’s answering confusing questions with even more confusing answers. Everyone’s a poet, a philosopher– every guest, every host.

Now that being said, there’s a great story here. With themes eerily relevant to today’s society, moral conflicts tough enough to keep anyone awake at night, and a high ceiling for greatness. Westworld is an amazing concept with countless opportunities and potential. The backbone of Westworld is the hidden message said to be underlying it all. We turn into the program every Sunday night due to “The Man In Black’s” potential at discovering this hidden message. This is where my main bugaboo lies– will Westworld deliver a satisfying message?

Through all the poor acting, constant intertwining timelines, and deeply philosophical dialogue, will there be a meaningful message? What does it all mean? Based off what I’ve seen so far I’ve only come to expect not much. Probably something underwhelming. Maybe an outlandish stretch that’s too much to pull back down to earth.

In comparison, Game of Thrones was driven by its story, Westworld seems to be more driven by its’ potential to reach similar success to that of Game of Thrones. Hopefully, they’ll prove me wrong though. Only time will tell.

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