SR3MM: 27-Track Quick Glimpse

Rae Sremmurd released their latest album as it might be their best one yet. It is titled SR3MM with the three indicating it being their third album. If you’re looking at it from another perspective, the number three could be referring to the fact that there are three albums on this 27-track album. The first nine songs are Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi doing their thing together as it is titled SR3MM. The next nine songs are Swae’s and his album is Swaecation. The final nine is Jxmtro which is Uncle Jxmmi’s compilation.

The creation of this jam-packed album had some Outkast vibes to it as the dynamic duo of Andre 3000 and Big Boi dropped a 40-track album split in half focusing on them as individual artists. Shremm’s go-to-producer Mike Will Made It commented on these vibes in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I showed ‘em Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Outkast’s 2003 album, and I was like, we need to do some sh** like this. But I feel like the only thing that was missing off this project right there was the group project,” said the Grammy award winning producer.

The album is fire to say the least. It will be hard for artists to top this one as it could be the best album of the summer already. As we all know, as the weather gets better, Sremmurd’s music starts to sound more and more like some of the best music we have ever heard. I mean their first album, SremmLife, caught us all off guard with bangers like “Throw Sum Mo” and “Come Get Her” to go along with “No Flex Zone” and “No Type.” With SremmLife 2, many wondered if the duo could keep it up. That’s when they became the real deal with songs like “By Chance”, “Look Alive”, and “Black Beatles” sending effervescent waves through our speakers.

Fans have been clamoring for more solo projects from the duo as some like one more than the other. The duo clearly love their fans and rewarded them with their latest work. Without further ado, let’s unpack their latest album.


Swae and Jxmmi got right down to business with “Up In My Cocina.” The beat has plenty of bass and it had a bit of a foreign twist to it that worked well as they talked about water whippin’ in the kitchen. “CLOSE” featured Travis Scott as he set the tone with a quick verse. They were talking about maintaining a distance between them and groupies that encounter them. “Bedtime Stories” had The Weeknd on it as he serenaded the hook while Sremmurd sang about how falling in love was not an option.

The next four songs were turn up anthems as “Perplexing Pegasus” and “Powerglide” have been out for a while. The other two, “Buckets” featuring Future and “42”, are sandwiched in the middle as Swae and Jxmmi flex on their competitors. “42” presented a style of rapping I was not used to from Swae as he effortlessly graced the track. “T’d Up” is the last song on the album as the NBA as abused that song, but before that is “Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.” That song has “Black Beatles” vibes to it.

Turn It Up: “Buckets”, “CLOSE”, “Bedtime Stores”

Best Feature: The Weeknd


This is my favorite part of the 27-track album. Swae’s album makes you want to ride up the coast in a droptop convertible without a care in the world. “Touchscreen Navigation” is a tone setter for Swae on his first solo project. “Heartbreak in Encino Hills” and “Heat Of The Moment” are two songs you would expect from him as he clearly is trying to settle us in. “Offshore” featuring Young Thug is a showstopper and one in which fans will be demanding more Swae and Thugger collaborations. Swae floated in to start the song, but Thugger (David) Ruffin was evangelical. We have heard Thug sing before, but never like this.

“Guatemala” and “Hurt To Look” are songs we already heard over the past month. In between the two songs is “Lost Angels.” “Red Wine” and “What’s In Your Heart?” end Swae’s album the way it began. Overall, it was about what fans should expect from him and it was consistent melodies strung together.

Turn It Up: “Offshore”, “Heat Of The Moment”, “What’s In Your Heart?”

Best Feature: Young Thug


While Swae gave us the slow tracks, Jxmmi provided us with more bangers. Fans treat him how people tried to treat Takeoff of the Migos. At first, I heard his album and it didn’t do much for me. However, after listening a few more times I learned to appreciate what he had to offer. Jxmmi held his own in his first solo album and even showed some versatility.

“Brxnks Truck” has been blaring through speakers for about a month now as it is still fire no matter how many times you listen to it. “Players Club” provided us with some of his Mississippi lingo and he flowed kind of like 2 Chainz on this one. “Anti-Social Smokers Club” featuring Zoe Kravitz and “Chanel” featuring Pharell Williams are fire. “Cap” featuring Trouble showed Jxmmi’s belligerent style in which he addressed haters and told them to get their bands up.

“Changed Up”, “Keep God First”, and Growed Up” are three of the last four songs in which Jxmmi gives a bit of a look into his upbringing. He even shows a bit of a humble persona believe it or not. Alright, I might be stretching the truth as he was trying to be as humble as possible. The second to last song features Riff 3x and it is called “Juggling Biddies.” He went back to flexin’ on haters on that one.

Turn It Up: “Chanel”, “Cap”

Best Feature: Trouble

Overall, Sremmurd’s third album was a bit unexpected as it provided so many hits for fans to listen to. There is a little something for everyone as they have trap, slow, and chill music on this album. On a scale from 1-10, the album would have to be a solid 8.8. Swae and Jxmmi are becoming more iconic and keep pushing the boundary with their creativity. They have fans right where they want them as a duo and, now, as individual artists.

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