UEFA Champions League Final Preview

We are less than 30 days away from the final of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League tournament. The final is featuring Real Madrid, the two-time defending champions, and Liverpool, who is in the final for the first time since 2007. Madrid is looking to become the first team in the Champions League era to win it all for the third straight time. The final is taking place on the 26th of this month and it’ll be in Kiev, Ukraine.

Madrid was on quite a journey to reach the final. They had to get past Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, and Bayern Munich, all of whom were potential favorites to win it all. Madrid did have some controversial moments in their favor, regardless, they did have to fight tooth and nail to reach the final.

Liverpool also had their hands full as they faced insurmountable odds against Manchester City only to pull off a major upset to advance to the semifinals against AS Roma who scored an upset of the century by eliminating Barcelona. Liverpool managed to defeat Roma 7-6 on aggregates to book their ticket to the final.

The decision of picking who’s the favorite to win the title is very difficult. Both teams are dominant and are well-stocked with talent. The one thing both teams want to do is avoid underestimating each other as they’re both capable of anything. Throughout this entire tournament, we’ve seen that underestimating has led to shocking defeats and eliminations.

Realistically, the favorite has to be Madrid as they are the two-time defending champions and they’ve got a dangerous attack offense and a solid defense. The fact that they’ve won it all for two years straight means they’ve got the focus to do it again. However, Liverpool’s attack is a legitimate threat and it’s surely capable of wearing out Madrid’s defense and Liverpool’s defense is a bit solid, but does have weaknesses. Madrid needs to be able to spot thir weaknesses. Of course, Madrid’s defense has weaknesses, too, and Liverpool needs to find them and take advantage.

Both squads will have to work as a team. In other words, Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo should not have to carry their teams to victory.


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  1. Churchill says:

    Love the massage

  2. Madrid will win this game 2-1

  3. Emmanuel Kabera says:

    For me Bale , ceballos,Théo are mor e important for the team . Send them out it will be a great mistake.

  4. William Wolo says:

    I am backing Liverpool FC to win this final. Don’t forget now REAL Madrid have curse on them when it comes to playing English Teams in final .

    1. That’s true, but keep in mind, curses can be broken!

  5. Michael Blessing says:

    Nice write-up. It is indeed true that the final game will be a herculien one for both teams but Madrid will surely win the trophy once again. Despite the fact that both teams have certain lapses in their defense, Madrid will capilize more on Liverpool’s weaknesses to win the game. In the case of Madrid, as seen in the El Clasico on Sunday, the midfielders and the strikers will fall back to defend against potential threats from Liverpool. After all, Juventus defended very well against Madrid in the finals last season yet there was a way out. In a nutshell, Madrid will take home the glory once again.

    1. It’s all about being one or two steps ahead of your opponent. No matter how dominant a team is, there’s ALWAYS one weakness. Real Madrid is capable of exploiting weaknesses and they take advantage. Thank you so much for reading Michael!


    Le réal Madrid va gagné 3-0

  7. RMA wl humiliate Liverpool…mark maWords

  8. Habibu yau says:

    Realmadrid are favourably OK to win the champions league final for the third time consecutively.

  9. Alfred says:

    Im reading comments of people who were born in the 1990s, or maybe started following this competition 3 years ago. Madrid this, Madrid that. Madrid knows how Liverpool has humiliated them in this competition in the past, ask Michael owen.

  10. ousman says:

    Liverpool will win realMadrid

  11. Djilali Moualed says:

    Je pense que le Real est le favoris de cette finale, ils ont un jeu plaisant et efficace.
    Le football sera le grand gagnant à Kiev.

  12. Ravi fernando says:

    My heart say Liverpool but my mind is saying Madrid

    1. Anything can happen!

  13. samy says:

    انته مدريدى حتى النخاع فلا تكتب حتى تكون عادلا

  14. Rang says:

    Liverpool will take the crownship from Real Madrid….This year UEFA final

    1. It’s very possible. But keep in mind, anything can happen!

  15. orchidee86 says:

    I see triple consecutive win for Real de Madrid

  16. arigutul says:

    thanks for information
    nice blog

    1. Thank you for reading!

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