Five MLB players that need to retire from the game

Here are five players in the MLB that might be near the end of their careers. The reason for this is not being able to stay healthy. Another reason is their numbers or contributions to the team have little to no impact at this point. 

Chase Utley from the Los Angeles Dodgers is the first candidate. Utley has played in the league for 16 seasons. He has a career stat line of a .276 batting average, 259 home runs, and 1,022 RBIs. Utley spent most of his career with the Philadelphia Phillies. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy over his career and has seen a decline in his numbers. Last season he only hit .236, with eight home runs, and had 34 RBIs.

Pablo Sandoval is the next candidate that should consider retirement. The San Francisco Giants third baseman has been around since 2008. He has a career batting average of .283, with 126 home runs, and 549 RBIs. Sandoval hasn’t played in more than 100 games since 2015. The “ Kung Fu Panda” has dealt with numerous injuries over his career. In 2016, he had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. This season, so far ,Sandoval has played in 24 games with a .239 batting average, one homer, and eight RBIs.

Troy Tulowitzki of the Toronto Blue Jays spent his 13-year career between two teams the Colorado Rockies and Toronto Blue Jays. During his career, he has a .290 batting average, with 224 home runs, and drove in 779 RBIs. In 2018, Tulowitzki has not played in a single game as he is still dealing with the ligament damage in his right ankle that he suffered last season. Tulowitzki has only played in 100 games once in the last four seasons. Last year he only batted .249, with seven home runs, and 26 RBIs in 66 games.

Adrian Gonzalez has seen a decline in his numbers over the past few seasons. Gonzalez has been in the MLB for 15 seasons now. In 2017, Gonzalez had a .242 batting average, three home runs, and drove in 30 RBIs while with the Dodgers. For his career, he has held a .288 batting average, with 316 home runs, and 1,195 RBIs. Gonzalez spent most of his career with the San Diego Padres and the Dodgers. This season he’s currently playing for the New York Mets.

Albert Pujols is the final candidate up for retirement. Pujols has played for only two teams during his 18-year career. He played ten seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals and since 2012 he has played for the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols holds a .304 batting average, has hit 620 home runs, 1,938 RBIs, and recently got his 3,000th career hit. Since 2015, Pujols has only had a batting average above .250 once which came in 2016 when he hit .268 for the season. Pujols has also been dealing with not being able to stay healthy as over the past few seasons he has dealt with knee and lower back pain keeping him out of games.

All five of these players have been great players over their careers. All of them have aged and the injuries add up so it might be time to hang up their cleats. Father time is undefeated and they have nothing to be ashamed of as some of them are future Hall of Famers.

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