Can Boston Breathe After the Battle in the Bronx?

If you were in New York in the past week, all the buzz around town was centered around the series that went down in the Bronx. The first place Boston Red Sox faced off against their surging arch rival, the New York Yankees. These two powerhouses always bring a little something extra to the game and this was certainly felt in this series.

Game One: Yankess 3 Red Sox 2

The opening game of this series featured Luis Severino against Drew Pomeranz. As usual, Severino did what Severino has been doing all year, proving himself as not only the ace of the Yankees pitching staff, but a surefire Cy Young candidate. Posting a line of six innings pitched, six hits, and 11 K’s while giving up only two runs to the outstanding offense that Boston possesses. The highlight of this game, however, was the two solo home runs hit by Giancarlo Stanton in the second and fourth inning, a sight that Yankee fans longed for.

Game Two: Yankees 9 Red Sox 6

Coming off a huge win the night before, the Yankees sent out Masahiro Tanaka to face Rick Porcello. Being at this game personally, I can say that the stadium felt electric the whole night. From the bottom of the first where Aaron Judge singled in Brett Gardner from a lead off double to the very end of the game, Yankee Stadium was alive. Mitch Moreland answered the Yankees first inning run by hitting a two-run homer in the bottom of the first inning. The game went back a forth seemingly the whole time. The Yankees had their chances, but simply couldn’t come up with that one big hit they needed…until the 8th inning.

Matt Barnes came in to pitch for the Red Sox holding on to a one run lead. Neil Walker started the inning and doubled into left field. After being moved over to third on a Miguel Andujar ground out, Gleyber Torres drew a walk on a five pitch at bat that drew out Craig Kimbrel from the Red Sox bullpen. With two on and no one out, Brett Gardner stepped to the plate and laced a bases clearing triple into left field to put the Yankees up one. It would be an understatement to say that the stadium went crazy. You could feel the ground shaking as soon as you heard the crack of the bat.

As soon as you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Judge nails a home run to center field to put the Yankees up three runs. Aroldis Chapman did his best Mariano Rivera impression and shut the door on the Red Sox with ease, ensuring the Yankees a series win and first place in the AL East.

Game 3: Yankees 4 Red Sox 5

This game served as the definition of the cliche, “You can’t win them all.” C.C. Sabathia took the ball for the Yankees and turned in one of his least impressive starts of the season. Going only four innings, partially due to a rain delay, Sabathia gave up four runs on nine hits as the Yankees found themselves in a 4-0 hole going into the 7th inning. And while the Yankees rallied for four runs in the 7th to tie the game, a somewhat controversial home run by J.D. Martinez in the following half inning took place. A fan seemed to have impeded Judge’s effort to catch a ball that barely made it into the stands. And while the Yankees had won 17 of their last 18 games, all good things must come to an end…right?

The is no denying how huge this series was for the Yankees. Going into the series having won 15 of their last 16, this was their biggest test of the year thus far. Here are some of the takeaways from this series:

-Severino is a stud

-The Yankees offense can do serious damage even when all of their hitters aren’t necessarily hitting too well

-Sanchez still needs to work on his defense

-Torres has been the glue that is making the Yankees stronger and stronger as well as proving his worth

-Judge is so much more than a home run hitter

-Gregorious  is being treated (by other teams/pitchers) with much more respect than he was in the beginning of the season

Lastly, the biggest takeaway from this whole winning streak is the Yankees are the real deal. They have proven that even with some bullpen and starting pitching question marks, this team can beat any team in the league. Also, they have the attention of their AL East arch rival.

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