Antoine Griezmann: Would a Transfer to Barcelona Do Him Good?

Antoine Griezmann and Barcelona have been linked for a well over a year now and the rumors continue to percolate. In the past week or so, rumors have begun to get a little bit more serious, but it’s unclear which direction it’s going in.

Griezmann got off to a slow and mediocre start this season, but he recovered and would score over 30 goals in all competitions for Atletico Madrid. He played a big role in helping them win the 2017-18 Europa League title. Even during France’s World Cup qualifying matches this year, he’s drilled four goals for his country. Griezmann is well-focused at the moment and is well into the prime of his career.

Time and time again, Griezmann has insisted that he’s perfectly happy with Atletico Madrid; however, at the same time, he understands that if he’s transferred it’s a business and not a personal decision. Barcelona informed Atletico that they will pay Griezmann’s €100 million release clause.  The Frenchman’s current team has grown increasingly frustrated with Barcelona’s pursuit of their striker. They are reportedly planning to offer Griezmann a new contract to stay. Griezmann’s got several beneficial options for him on the table.

A move to Barcelona could certainly do him good as he’ll get a chance to play alongside Lionel Messi as well as Luis Suarez and fellow frenchman Ousmane Dembele. If Barcelona’s attack system is a perfect fit for Griezmann, then he should be alright playing in Barcelona.

Throughout the season, Griezmann was asked numerous times if he would be leaving this summer and he said he would finish out the season and listen to offers from both Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Last month, Griezmann said he plans to make a decision on his future before the World Cup, which is less than 30 days away. Many are convinced Griezmann is leaving. At this point, anything can happen.

Manchester United is another club that had reportedly expressed an interest for Griezmann, though things have been quiet on that matter. Griezmann’s presence on the squad alongside Romelu LukakuAshley Young, and Marcus Rashford is certainly ideal. He and Paul Pogba would definitely make a very cohesive unit as they always work well together when they’re representing France. The only hiccup is perhaps M. United’s manager Jose Mourinho‘s attack system. There may be doubts that it won’t be fit for Griezmann.

Reports are indicating that Atletico would prefer to send Griezmann to Old Trafford instead of Barcelona. The decision is entirely up to Griezmann it is now a matter of wait-and-see.


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