WWE: Fixing the Women’s Revolution

For years, fans and women have wanted the WWE to give women a legitimate chance at being WWE Superstars. People no longer wanted to see the “Divas” anymore. They wanted to do away with the bikini wearing attire in exchange for proper ring gear attire. The WWE answered and gave them what they were asking for as they dropped the term “diva” and now women are considered superstars to be equals with their male counterparts. The “Women’s Revolution” without question has been a success since its’ birth. However, lately, it seems to have stalled a bit. Certain stories and angles are not making sense. Here a few angles that could use fixing:

Ronda Rousey title shot already?

Ronda broke the internet when it was revealed that she signed with the WWE. Most probably thought it was going to be on some celebrity contract only to make appearances to draw ratings. On the contrary, she said she is here to be in the WWE full time. Since she’s arrived, all she has done is make promo appearances, competed in one match, which was at WrestleMania, and did one live event.

The WWE Women’s Champion, Nia Jax, broke news that she chose to face Rousey in the upcoming pay-per-view event, Money in the Bank. If there is one thing you do not want to do, it is insult the WWE universe. Rousey will get a title shot one day and may be a great champion, but right now having a newcomer challenge for the title as opposed to the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley, who have been earning their stripes the last few years, is wrong to do. Rousey needs to build her resume before being silver spooned such a golden opportunity.

What’s was going on with Sasha Banks and Bayley?

Two of the biggest women in WWE today were recently in somewhat of a weird feud together. It was really hard to make out what was going on between them. Bayley was upset with Banks because Banks would get the best of her in matches when it was clear it is every woman for themselves. For months, they would do this back and forth “I’m mad at you. No I’m at you” stuff and no one was getting it. Both Banks and Bayley should definitely be featured better on Monday Night Raw. With the arrival of NXT superstar Ember Moon, fans want to see dream matches brought to life such the likes of Moon versus Banks and Moon versus Bayley. Surely, the WWE can figure out a way to make these match-ups happen.

Where is Becky Lynch?

Lynch is a member of The Four Horsewomen of the WWE along with Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley. However, just as Banks and Bayley are taking back seats, it seems Lynch has been an afterthought for a while as well. The WWE needs to find a way to get one of their best superstars back in the starlight. Lynch is a talented superstar and should not be continued to be left in the back.

The Women’s Division is a key cog of the WWE as women now have multiple segments on Raw and Smackdown. Lately, it has taken a turn and become somewhat stagnant. It is always good to try new things as there is no argument there. However, let’s not insult the WWE’s fan base by giving out title shots to competitors who have not earned it and leave some of the best superstars who helped build the Women’s Division off of the best match cards. Bland stories and a lack of clear angles have no place in the WWE.

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