What Winning the Stanley Cup Would Mean for Las Vegas

The Vegas Golden Knights have been the talk of the show around the NHL and they continue to be already accomplishing a goal that many other teams have yet to accomplish: reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. There are still a few teams who have never reached the Finals like the Arizona Coyotes (been around for 21 years).

Winning the Stanley Cup, for the players, would be a dream come true to show that a pack of “golden misfits” can accomplish so much. They were surrounded with so much negativity from the start with comments like “they’re going to be dead last in the standings,” or “they’ll never make it past the first round.” However, for the city, it would mean so much more…

On October 1st, 2017, the city of Las Vegas was struck with a tragedy as 58 people lost their lives in the horrid Las Vegas Shooting. With the new NHL season, each team took a moment of silence for 58 seconds before the national anthem; Canadian teams took part in this as well. With all the tragedy and negative comments, it would have made sense to see Vegas do so poorly. In addition, they were a new team, but they didn’t let any of that get to them. There is a good and bad side to winning the Stanley Cup.

The Good

Winning shows how well a city can bounce back from such a traumatizing event. It would unite fans all across the state of Nevada. Not saying that the Golden Knights haven’t done that already, but winning Lord Stanley could just be that final band-aid the city of Las Vegas needs to help heal the city even more and show that nothing can keep a city down forever. It will show that they persevered and came back stronger than ever as they are #VegasStrong.

From that, the city has united as well. Not only has it healed some, many residents are embracing the facet of the Golden Knights being made up of players who are misfits. Even vice president of the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SuperBook, Jay Kornegay, stated that the Golden Knights “play with a chip on their shoulders,” and that the city of Las Vegas has a chip as well because it isn’t seen as a community. It is viewed as just a large area with bars, clubs and casinos. The Golden Knights have already done a great job giving Vegas a newer look, but winning the Stanley Cup would only improve that look even more and unite the city into one huge hockey community that would last a lifetime.

There would be some good coming from them winning the Stanley Cup, but the city could actually suffer if they win…

The Bad

The city of Las Vegas are estimated to lose around five million dollars in bet payouts if the team wins. With the thoughts of negativity floating around when the Golden Knights first started out, most betting places, like Kornegay’s, “raised the odds,” so whoever did bet would receive more money. Once people realized how amazing the Golden Knights were, more people began to bet on them, which means that more money is going out to the betters. This means that the owners of these betting establishments would be losing money.

Another bad reason is winning the Stanley Cup could be too soon. Think about it, in the first year, Vegas could accomplish the ultimate goal, but then what would happen next? Go for a two-peat? A three-peat? Vegas has already built up a huge fan base, but if they win the cup, now, fans won’t really have anything new to be excited for. If Vegas wins now, what else do they have to accomplish? The point being made, it is just too soon; let that hope simmer in the pot and then when it’s ready (given a few years) then enjoy the sweet victory.

So those are the pros and cons of Vegas winning the Stanley Cup. Is it just too soon for a cup or will it complete the healing process? Regardless, Vegas fans are ready for what’s to come!

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