What Winning the Stanley Cup Would Mean for Washington

Imagine being a sports fan in Washington, DC. The Wizards aren’t the Cavaliers or Warriors so they can’t punch their ticket to the NBA Finals. The Redskins decided to let their 30-year old-quarterback, Kirk Cousins, walk away after trading for a 35-year-old, Alex Smith, who displays many of the same features. Finally, the Nationals have a curse of never making it past the divisional round.

Not one of the big four sports teams in the District of Columbia have won a championship since 1992 when the Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI. However, now, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, there’s hope. The Washington Capitals are in the Stanley Cup Final after marching their way through the Eastern Conference.

Aside from what this Stanley Cup would mean to Washington sports fans, Capitals fans have never experienced a championship in their lifetime. Now. they finally have a chance. After three straight first place division finishes, two President’s trophies, and three straight losses in the second round, the Capitals are finally so close to the gold (or in this case silver because of the trophy) that they can taste it. And for a city that hasn’t won in 26 years and a team that has never won a championship , the Capitals are on the brink of making a dream a reality. There’s one x-factor on the team that really is the make or break of their run for the cup.

Alex Ovechkin is 32 years old. He’s two years older than Sidney Crosby and three years older than Patrick Kane. Both of which have won the Stanley Cup with their respective teams three times while Ovechkin hasn’t won it once. Also, Ovechkin is old enough that he may only have a few years left to hold up the coveted silver trophy and this may be his last chance.

The Vegas Golden Knights are good and young with pieces like William Karlsson (25), Jonathan Marchessault (27) and Brayden McNabb (27) while the Capitals core doesn’t have that same luxury.

The Capitals have spent most of their time with this core losing in the second round and they finally broke the curse and are in range of winning their first Stanley Cup Final in team history. However, for a team that’s known for coming up short in the playoffs, nothing is for certain. That does not mean it will happen again and Washington’s fans should feel different while feeling a since of pride in their team. This team has the physicality, the athleticism, the speed and the stamina to keep up with the Golden Knights. The only problem is they’re playing a team that’s so even with them that it’s an uphill battle.

Nevertheless, after 26 years, Washington, DC would love a championship and this Capitals team will stop at nothing to give it one.

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