Overwatch League: Wings Out over NYXL


Three weeks down, two weeks to go in Stage Four of the Overwatch league as we are quickly barreling through the stage and then playoffs will start. It’s time to countdown the worst team in the league to the best, kind of like a reverse power ranking. Rankings will be based on overall record, performances during the past week, and stage record (we’re currently in Stage Four). Let’s get things started.

If you’re curious what exactly Overwatch League is, click here to have everything explained.

Out of playoffs:

12. Shanghai Dragons (0-36, 0-2 this week, no change)

Could Shanghai get its’ first win of the season against Boston? Fans are hoping for it, as the Dragons have become very popular despite their lack of a winning. Shanghai has played teams much tighter this stage than in any stage prior.

In other news, main tank Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim and Houston Outlaw’s main tank Austin “Muma” Wilmot have the most adorable friendship in the league.

11. Florida Mayhem (6-30, 0-2 this week, no change)

The Mayhem were so close to beating Seoul and putting the latter team’s playoff chances into complete chaos. The team from Florida were unable to finish the job.

Anyone else miss Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt’s walkout entrances from Stage One? It was one of the most entertaining things the Mayhem ever did.

10. Dallas Fuel (10-26, 1-1 this week, no change)

While Dallas might have only broke even this week, their 4-2 record for this stage puts them right in the thick of this stage’s playoffs. They currently sit behind San Francisco (who beat them this week) and Houston, placing them at sixth in the Stage playoff standings due to a worse map record.

Hyeon “EFFECT” Hwang announced on his stream that he wants to return to Dallas for season two after leaving the team to return to Korea. With Tracer barely being played compared to previous stages with Brigitte ruling the meta, will there be room for him on the Dallas roster?

9. San Francisco Shock (16-20, 2-0 this week, no change) 

San Francisco currently has the fourth and final seed for stage playoffs, ahead of both Dallas and Houston on map differential despite having the same win-loss record. If the Shock want to stay in stage playoffs, they’ll have to keep winning out instead of breaking even.

Playoff potential:

8. Philadelphia Fusion (21-15, 0-2 this week, -3)

Oh Philly, what happened? The Fusion seemed to be in the driver’s seat for a low seed in the playoffs, but now they currently find themselves on the outs. A loss to NYXL was expected, but the loss to Los Angeles really hurt their chances. Philly may have a chance to recover next week, as they are playing San Francisco and Seoul, two teams who did well in Week 3, but have generally under-performed all season.

7. Houston Outlaws (20-16, 2-0 this week, no change)

Out of all the teams left in playoff contention, the Outlaws have less than a 30 percent chance of making the end of season playoffs. Houston has a better map differential than then next four teams in front of them, meaning a win-loss record tiebreaker could go in their favor. With a little bit of luck and a lot of skill, don’t sleep just yet on the Outlaws.

6. Boston Uprising (22-14, 0-2 this week, no change)

Despite another win-less week for Boston, they could stay in the fourth seed due to an up and down week for Los Angeles and a resurgence from Seoul. Boston only holds a one game lead on the Gladiators, Dynasty, and Fusion, as well as only a two-game lead on the Outlaws. If Boston can win out this next week against Seoul and Shanghai, they will have basically punched their ticket to the playoffs despite an abysmal Stage Four.

  1. Seoul Dynasty (21-15, 2-0 this week, +3)

    Image result for seoul dynasty
    Je-hong “ryujehong” Ryu of the Seoul Dynasty. Photo credit to Overwatch League.

Seoul got its first two wins of Stage Four, leaving Boston, Florida, and Shanghai as the only teams currently winless in this stage. Seoul almost dropped the ball against Florida, but could surge back into a playoff seed with a dominant week. Beating Boston next week would be huge for Seoul, as Philadelphia and Los Angeles are right on their tail. Seoul currently sits as the fifth seed because of map differential, but don’t expect them to stay there for long.

4. Los Angeles Gladiators (21-15, 1-1 this week, -1)

The Gladiators fell in what was the final regular season “Battle of Los Angeles” against the Valiant. However, they did recover in a 3-1 win over the Fusion. The Gladiators (and Dynasty) effectively have no shot of getting the Western Division bye after another spotless week by the Valiant, but the Gladiators are in the driver seat for both a Stage Four and season playoff spot.

Food for thought: why does no one care about the “Battle of Texas” or the “Battle of California” mini tournament that could be had?

3. London Spitfire (23-13, 1-1 this week, +1)

If the Gladiators had gone undefeated this week, there would be no way London would be ranked this high. They barely squeaked out a victory against Boston and then proceeded to fall to Dallas easily despite having the number three seed for playoffs. They have gone 3-3 this stage and are only holding onto their seeding by one game. However, with the league’s second-best map differential, they are assured a playoff spot with at least one more win.

Secured playoff spot:

  1. Los Angeles Valiant (24-12, 2-0 this week, no change)

    Image result for la valiant
    Terence “SoOn” Tarlier of the LA Valiant shaking hands with members of the San Francisco Shock. Photo credit to FanSided.

Congrats to the LA Valiant, who not only basically (99 percent chance currently) locked up the Western Division bye and confirmed a spot for themselves in the playoffs, but beat New York in one of the most exciting matches of the season. Blizzard Arena was going nuts watching the hometown team triumph over the best team in the league. The Valiant stand at second in the league standings and first for Stage Four Playoffs.

1. New York Excelsior (32-4, 1-1 this week, no change)

Another stage, another (presumably) 9-1 record for NYXL. It seems the only thing this team cannot do, beside winning Stage One playoffs, is go undefeated in a stage. Fear not, loyal NYXL fans, as there is nothing to worry about. NYXL hasn’t had much to play for since Stage Two, basically, meaning that the strategies they are running are basic and don’t give up their potential game plan for playoffs.

In summary, congrats to LA, but this match is far from the fight NYXL will give them in the stage or season playoffs. If NYXL loses a second time to an unsuccessful Boston team at the end of this stage, then that’s something to worry about.

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