NHL: The League’s Best Jerseys

Over the course of 100 plus years, the NHL has displayed some sweet threads that teams wear to represent their organization. They have changed dramatically throughout the years as different companies make different styled jerseys. Some are better than others, but this list is the NHL’s best jerseys that have been worn in the past and are being worn currently.

This list will exclude outdoor jerseys, such as Winter Classic jerseys and Stadium Classic jerseys, mostly because those jerseys tend to stand out more than the regular jerseys.

Columbus Blue Jackets (Alternates)

In the 2010-2011 season, the Blue Jackets introduced a brand new third jersey that featured a slick set of tan, grey, light blue, and dark blue stripes with the primary logo being a cannon. The cannon is an inside reference to the cannon they have within the stadium that goes off after every goal scored. The colors flow surprisingly well together that just makes it stand out from the other jerseys around the league.

Dallas Stars (Originals)

When the moved moved to Texas in 1993, the Stars kept their name, just removing the word “North” from their name. The original Dallas jerseys portrayed a slick black jersey as the primary color with a forest green and gold-ish yellow as the secondary logos. The green formed a star-shape from the arms to the base of the jersey to capture their iconic look of the early 90’s.

Phoenix Coyotes (Throwbacks)

You either love them or you hate them, there is no in between! These ‘Kachina’ themed jerseys were the Coyotes very first jerseys they had when they moved to the valley in 1996. The intricate details in the blocky pattern around the base and sleeves of the jersey give it that authentic-like Kachina look.

The shoulders on these throwbacks display the classic ‘Phoenix Coyotes’ name plate behind a tan and purple moon. The primary logo is a toss up and is where most people either hate these jerseys or love them. However, the geometrically-shaped coyote from the past is starting to make a comeback in the desert.

Anaheim Ducks (Alternates)

Taking a look at a re-birthed logo as the Ducks brought back their classic ‘Duck Goalie Mask’ logo. They brought it back as an alternate jersey in the 2015-2016 NHL season. This jersey displays the Ducks’ colors of orange, gold, and black in a different order.

Rather than the traditional dominant black-colored jerseys, Anaheim made orange the primary color and topped it off with striped black, gold, and white sleeves. The ageless ‘goalie Duck mask’ is in the center of the jersey as the logo. The orange gives this jersey a vibrant look that just works exceptionally well with the throwback logo.

1999-2000 LA Kings (Alternates)

In the 1999-2000 season, the LA Kings introduced a change to their alternate jersey. The uniqueness behind this jersey is seen in the royal purple as the primary color. The slick trim of black that makes up the rest of the jersey along with stripes of sliver give this jersey a very appealing look that most fans can enjoy. The logo displays a silver crown which give the Kings their iconic look of the 2000’s.

So those are some of the best jerseys the NHL has ever seen. Some of these jerseys may never be seen again in a game, while others are starting to make a comeback. Regardless, they shouldn’t be forgotten!




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