NCAA: Change the CFP

We asked for it and we got it. Now, it is time to modify it. It being the College Football Playoff, CFP. When we first got the CFP, it was a remarkable time in the college football world as we no longer had to live in the dark ages of the BCS. Now that we had had the time to suffer through the demo of the CFP, we deserve the full version. The football family was blind to the flaws that came with this new installment, but it is time we dissect the CFP.

With the CFP being voted on by an “objective” committee, some teams are prone to discrimination. Teams have been left out or deemed not good enough simply based on what conference they played in.

The University Of Central Florida finished the 2017 season as the lone undefeated team in college football. They did not make the playoff, but instead played in the Peach Bowl against Auburn, the only team that beat the national champs in Alabama. UCF beat Auburn, 34-27, and went on to proclaim themselves as “the real” champs because they were the only unblemished team.

Plain and simple, UCF did not make the CFP because they are in a weaker conference.

Here are a few things that could help improve the College Football Playoff:

The CFP needs to be expanded beyond just four teams. The thing with having a four-team playoff is that there are five power conferences, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, and Pac-12. Since there are the power five conferences, there should be the winner of each conference plus the next three teams. Basically, there should be an eight-team playoff.

The eight-team format gives each conference a shot to show which is the best while giving smaller conferences a chance to showcase how good they really are. Otherwise, it gives one or two loss teams a second chance.

Next, the reserved bowl game to the teams making the playoff is a move that fans never approved of. Put the CFP at a central location, like the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, for all of the teams to compete or even giving the top seeds home playoff games. That would put a bigger emphasis on the regular season as well as keeping prestigious bowl game sites like the Rose and Sugar Bowl available to teams that worked hard all year.

Finally, the FCS started in 1978 with a four team playoff, which in its current state expanded to 24 in 2013. The FBS does not need to expand to 24 teams. However, it should be set up where the top four seeds get a bye week and, from there, they play on until a champion is crowned. The rankings would go by wins and weekly play, no longer conference and biased opinion. So if  UCF were to finish undefeated again, they would receive a number one seed and a bye.

These are the changes that the football higher ups need to take into consideration to make the game better. We might be a year or two away from seeing some changes occur because the committee is too proud to admit any faults. After all, CFP director Bill Hancock says an eight team playoff “is not in the cards”.

Maybe all we need is one more flawed CFP to wake up those in charge.


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