NHL: Offseason Trades that Need to Happen

As the season ends, now, is the time for teams to re-evaluate their roster and see whether or not someone will be traded. Some teams have already taken action. Some players, well, it is only a matter of time before they are traded. Regardless of any situation, here are the top three trades that are most likely going happen this offseason.

Erik Karlsson

News and speculation has been circulating around this guy for years now. Karlsson, 27, has been on the Ottawa Senators for his entire nine-year NHL career. He has been the face of the franchise and the captain of the team for quite some time. He plays his defensive position exceptionally well.

Recent news has come out regarding the Senators with more drama. First it started with Ottawa’s assistant general manager being arrested in Buffalo for some inappropriate behavior and actions toward a 19-year-old shuttle van driver. Now, there has been news surfacing about a current teammate of Karlsson’s, Mike Hoffman and his girlfriend. The reports have mentioned that Hoffman’s girlfriend has made crude remarks about the Karlssons’ unborn baby and that someone should injure Karlsson, ending his career. Karlsson’s wife has filed for a restraining order. All of these issues have almost officially forced the right-handed defenseman to ask for a trade request.

Any team would love to have him on their roster as he can play defense very well and jump in on the offense as well. Ottawa has not thrown out an asking price, but, regardless, they need to get something accomplished or else they let a highly valuable leader walk for nothing.

There have been rumors that a Karlsson for PK Subban trade is possible between Ottawa and Nashville. Although this is just a rumor, anything is possible at this point, given the circumstances.

John Tavares

Tavares is another name that has been in the trade rumors lately, as he is set to become a free agent on July first. Tavares has been the face of the New York Islanders franchise for nine years and is currently the captain of the team. Not only does he have amazing offensive dexterities, but he is also a leader, which is why he is so valuable. Tavares is sort of in the same situation as Karlsson. The Islanders’ fired their GM and head coach and have not filled those positions as of yet.

Tavares averages around 30 goals a season, which is incredible. In the 2017-2018 NHL season, he had 37, just one shy of his career best. He continues to get better statistically.

Ryan O’Reilly

The current Buffalo Sabres’ center man, O’Reilly was brought over to help boost some offense as well as fill a leadership role, but Buffalo hasn’t been able to get out of the standings’ basement for years. It may be time to shake things up and trade O’Reilly. Only until recently, O’Reilly’s name has been linked to a few teams via trade. He still has five years left on his contract worth 7.5 million anually.

He averages around 21 goals per season and has a ton of NHL experience. A possible trade could be O’Reilly to the Carolina Hurricanes for Skinner with a few extra picks or prospects.


Phil Kessel

“The Thrill” Kessel has been mentioned in a few trade rumors this offseason. Despite scoring a career-high 34 goals and 58 assists, he did not prove to be very effective in the 2018 playoffs as he scored just one goal and eight assists. He currently has a cap hit of 6.8 million dollars a year. The reason he has come up in trade talks is he does not seem to be getting along with head coach Mike Sullivan, which is why he had a poor playoff performance.

Those are the biggest names that could be traded this offseason. The NHL is a business and sometimes a team has to move a quality player to help further the growth of the team. On the other hand, a trade can help begin a rebuild for a franchise. Nevertheless, with the offseason finally here, expect the unexpected.

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