NCAA:Where does Alabama go at Quarterback?

In just under three months, the college football season will be back. College football is a wonderful time full of upsets and unknown players having to come in for an injured player and lead their team to victory. National champion and Heisman winner predictions are starting to brew up as well. The thing that we always know in college sports is that nothing is for certain and that every dog has its’ day.

However, there are a few things going into next season that are guaranteed.

Stanford running back Bryce Love is the favorite to win the Heisman and the Alabama Crimson Tide are the reigning National Champs. No one knows who Bama’s starting quarterback is going to be. This is a deja vu season as, in the 2015 season, the Ohio State Buckeyes were facing the same dilemma with JT Barrett, Cardale Jones, and Braxton Miller.

Nick Saban is the ultimate mastermind. He has proved this time-and-time again and that is the reason why he has hoisted six national championships. He has a choice to make and that is to ride the hot hand with Tua Tagovailoa or stay with the trusted veteran Jalen Hurts. They are virtually the same the size, but their playing style could not be any more different. Hurts is hands down the superior athlete but passing is very important and that is where Tagovailoa has the upper hand.

Playing quarterback at Alabama is not the hardest job in the world as you are surrounded by the best at each position to bail you out if you have a bad game and rarely will you throw 25 passes in a game. The pressure that comes along with being the play caller of Alabama is some of the most pressure one will ever endure in their life. Alabama is one of the Meccas of college football and always will be.

Tagovailoa seems to be the better choice given his poise showed in the national championship. Also, his feel for the game form the pocket is something Alabama has never really had as he seems like he could be the best passer for Saban since AJ McCarron. If Hurts stays, keeping him motivated and ready to play will be a good idea as well.

Nick Saban could always run a two quarterback system to have the defense on its’ heels having the better passer in Tagovailoa (higher completion percentage 64% higher passing yards average 8.3) and the runner at Hurts in at the same time. Eventually, you will have to have one quarterback, one play caller, one big dog and that might be Tagovailoa right now. The old saying goes “if you have 2 quarterbacks you have none.”

Time will tell who the starter for Saban will be, but all the arrows should be pointing in favor of Tagovailoa.

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