NBA: Building a Hollywood Super Team

With LeBron James losing yet another finals (sixth) and his third to the Golden State Warriors, people are starting to call them the greatest starting team of all time. The fans are considering these Warriors better than the  Magic Johnson-led “Showtime” Lakers, Larry Bird’s Celtics, Michael Jordan’s Bulls, and the Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O’Neal led Lakers. People have to face it we live in a super team world so if you want to win you have to be on one.

I am going to make the ultimate team with basketball players that come from movies right down to the coach.

The centerpiece of the ultimate team should be the center himself so my big man would be Neon Boudeaux. The 7’4, 300-pound powerhouse was the main piece of the newest recruiting class of Western University in the movie Blue Chips. He would be unstoppable he would just overpower and slam on anybody unwise enough to match up with him.

The power forward would be close to the size of the modern day forward, but his strength would be beyond comparison. “Big Daddy D” David Lattin is the only player in my starting five that is a real person, but he was portrayed in Glory Road. Standing at 6′ and weighing in at 225, he certainly would not be a push over by any means. His physical play and demeanor carried helped him carry Texas Western to their incredible feat of winning the national championship.

The small forward position is emerging as the top position in today’s NBA. The small forward would be Scott Howard better known as Teen Wolf. When he became the wolf, he was easily the best athlete on the floor and it did not matter who else was on the court with him. His senses were all intensified 10 times above normal and he could play both ways at the top level.

My shooting guard would be Jesus Shuttlesworth. He could shoot, drive he, pass, and just about anything else on the court. He grew up tough so he has some grit in his style of play. He was highly sought out after high school and could have went straight to the league if he chose too. Shuttlesworth played in He Got Game and Ray Allen was Shuttlesworth. For that reason alone, that is why he is a starter.

My point guard would have to be Calvin Cambridge from Like Mike. He was essentially Michael Jordan so you know that you are going to lose no matter what player matched up with him. The difference with Cambridge is that he had MJ talent, but he did not miss many shots. Shuttlesworth and Cambridge would equal a lot of made shots and very little turnovers.

The sixth man of the team would be Antoine Tyler from The Sixth Man. While alive, he was a natural born leader who knew every shot he took was going in no matter how crazy. While dead, he came back to help his team win no matter what.

To have a full rotation, you have to play at least eight players in today’s basketball. The best duo in all of basketball movies was Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle in White Men Can’t Jump. They proved time and time again that the only people that could beat them are themselves. However, a good coaching staff could keep them in check.

When you have a team you this great you need somebody who can coach them and their egos. The coach for the job would be Ken Carter, the legend of Richmond High. In Coach Carter, he took a group of troubled inner city kids who did not have faith in themselves. He made them winners and he turned them into one of the top basketball schools in the state.

All good headcoaches need a good assistant coach and that is when Don Haskins would come into play. Again, another real person, but he was portrayed in Glory Road and is a legend. He faced adversaries from all angles and still held his players together so they could win.

When it comes to building the perfect team with no cap space this team would demolish all others and would beat the Mon-stars from Space Jam by 20.

This would be the team to end all teams.

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