Money in the Bank and the Aftermath

With the WWE’s PPV event Money in the Bank concluding a great week of wrestling, some thought the event would disappoint. The show turned out really good as well as ending feuds and opening the door for new rivalries.

Monster with the Briefcase

Brock Lesnar, the reigning Universal Champion, will have to be looking over his shoulder the next time he shows up on Monday Night Raw as Braun Strowman now has the ability to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and reward himself with a title shot at any moment he so chooses. Just imagine =Strowman with the Universal Title on his shoulder. There is a short list of guys that would actually have the ability to defeat him for the title.

Miss Money in the Bank and Women’s Champion

Alexa Bliss took home the women’s MITB briefcase after Becky Lynch came so close to winning it. Being the ultimate opportunist Bliss is, she tilted the ladder causing Lynch to fall high from the sky and climb her way to the top and grabbed the briefcase. Before Bliss could even make it home with the briefcase she saw an opportunity to cash in her contract while Women’s Champion Nia Jax was facing off with Ronda Rousey. As stated earlier, Bliss made her appearance striking both Jax and Rousey with the briefcase, cashed in her contract and became the Raw Women’s Champion once again.

Last Man Standing

AJ styles and Shinke Nakamura faced off for the third straight PPV event. Most would agree each match was better than the last and the story they told was awesome, with Styles coming out the winner in two of the three matches. It was time to close the door on this on this rivalry and search for new opponents for both Styles and Nakamura.

Rusev won the Smackdown Gauntlet match and earned the right to face Styles for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules. Rusev has become one of the crowd favorites in the last few months. For too long, the WWE would pass him up  and give other guys a shot. But the crowd stayed behind Rusev and the WWE is giving fans what they want.

As for Nakamura, Jeff Hardy has let it be known he wants revenge for Nakamura’s low blow shot the before MITB. The news of Hardy wanting retribution made way to Nakamura and it is only a matter of time before the two superstars cross paths. With Randy Orton still on the shelf most likely until Summerslam, Hardy needs a new opponent to defend his United States Championship against. And who better to step in for an injured Orton than the king of strong style?

Rollins and Elias burn it down

Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins faced off against Elias. The match was a back and forth affair. Each superstar holding his own. Rollins won the match, but people could argue that he barely managed to survive. The match left us wanting to see a rematch between Rollins and Elias, but it appears that will have to be put on hold.

The Monday Night Raw after Money in the Bank Rollins issued out an open challenge to anyone for the title. Dolph Ziggler stepped up for the shot at the title and shocked us all by getting a clean victory against Rollins. Many were left shocked by the victory and wondering where we go from here.

As of now, Ziggler is the Intercontinental Champion and with muscle like Drew McIntyre in his corner he might stay champion. We all know Rollins has friends of his own that he could call for back up as well. Dean Ambrose is still currently on the shelf, but Roman Reigns is still available. Rollins could approach Reigns to watch his back while he tries to regain the Intercontinental championship in case McIntyre tries to step in and prevent that from happening. After all, The Shield view themselves as brothers for life.

Roman Reigns takes care of Jinder Mahal:

WWE’s Big Dog, Roman Reigns, faced off against Jinder Mahal after Mahal cost Reigns a shot at the Money in the Bank match. Mahal said he was more deserving an opportunity than Reigns was. It was not a good time to be in Reigns’ way as he is still upset at not being the Universal Champion after controversy struck at the greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

The next night Raw general manager, Kurt Angle, stated there would be a match to determine the challenger for the Universal Title. Before Angle could even announce the match, Reigns came down the ring and said there shouldn’t be anyone else getting a shot because he won the last match against Lesnar. And he is right on that matter.

Next thing you know, Bobby Lashley interrupted Reigns as he too wanted a shot at Lesnar. It was one of his main reasons for returning to the WWE.

Lashley wanted to fulfill a dream match not for himself, but also for the fans. For years, people have talked about a possible match between Lesnar and Lashley. Now, both guys are in the WWE at the same time and there is a strong chance it will finally happen.

Reigns did not take Lashley interrupting him too well. The matter should be resolved in the ring sooner than later.

Thing in the WWE appear to be heating up just as summer starts. With two more PPV events this summer, things could change drastically. We could see Reigns finally get a well-deserved championship match, Lashley versus Lesnar, intense women’s championship matches on both RAW and Smackdown, and Rollins on the prowl for  Ziggler and his title. Things are certainly “heating” up this summer.

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