Overwatch League: Top Five Candidates for MVP

As the inaugural Overwatch season is ending, it’s time to look back on the season and think about who should be the league’s MVP. 12 teams from around the world have battled it out through four different stages to qualify for the cash prizes at the end of each stage, and the all-important post-season playoffs to crown the league’s first champion.

If you’re curious what exactly Overwatch League is, click here to have everything explained.

We’re going to count down who are the five most deserving potential winners. I’ve based these rankings off statistics like average kills per ten minutes, hero rank in the league, and overall team impact, such as the player’s team making playoffs.

To vote for who you think should be the season MVP, simply tweet #OWLMVP with your favorite players Twitter handle or their Battletag (just like below). Check here to see where the current fan vote stands.  25 percent of the fan vote and 75 percent of the Overwatch League’s broadcast team will decide who the inaugural seasons MVP is.

Honorable mentions:

Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim (Seoul Dynasty): Fleta looked amazing at the beginning of the season, but as Seoul struggled, so did Fleta. Maybe it would be better to describe it as the other way around, as Fleta hard carried Seoul a ton.

Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim (NYXL): The Big Boss might have the biggest fan following in the league and while his clips are mostly highlight worthy, Pine simple didn’t play enough for me to be MVP.

Joon-yeong “Profit” Park (London Spitfire): Besides accidently flipping the bird to the camera, Profit had a pretty nice first season. When Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim wasn’t playing due to injury, he had to step up as DPS. With such a great supporting cast around him, he just isn’t quite there yet to be considered MVP.

  1. Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon

    Image result for striker overwatch
    Striker. Photo credit to CGM Magazine.

Striker was who I had originally voted for MVP a few weeks back, but his play fell off following the introduction of Brigitte, who has basically a Tracer counter. Striker was unstoppable the first three stages. His play is the main reason the Boston Uprising went undefeated in Stage Three. Now in Stage Four, the number one Tracer player in the Overwatch League according to Winston’s Lab has stepped into the new meta as a pretty great Widow. He also did the most damage out of all players over all four stages in the entire league. If Boston is to win the league, Striker will have to carry the team on his back more than ever before.

  1. Hae-seong “Libero” Kim

    Image result for libero overwatch
    Libero. Photo credit to Cybersport.

While some might think this spot is better covered for Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park, Libero has been a top three flex DPS all season for the NYXL. His hero pool is so deep I’m pretty sure I would drown if I tried to swim in it. Sixth in most hero damage done, Libero played ten different heroes in NYXL’s final match against Houston alone. His variety is what makes him so damage, and with most of his hero rankings being somewhere between top five and top ten in the league, just having him in the starting lineup makes team questions what NYXL will be running.

  1. Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek

    Image result for fissure overwatch
    Fissure. Photo credit to the Overwatch League.

Who’s the most handsome tank in the league? While most will say Fissure, that’s not why he is on this list. Ranked the second-best Winston in the league, Fissure’s trade from the London Spitfire to the LA Gladiators changed the latter’s season. The Gladiators went to a low middle of the pack team to a legit contender, earning the number one seed in the Stage Four playoffs. Ranking fifth in overall damaged blocked, Fissure helped his new team finish a seed higher than his old one in the playoff seeding. Is London regretting it? Probably to some degree.

  1. Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee

While Carpe might only be seventh in the league for most overall damage done during the season, his highlight clips are ridiculous. Ranked number one on Sombra and McCree, he will be most remembered for his insane Widowmaker play, which he ranked at number two in the entire league. The Philadelphia Fusion lived and died at Carpe’s carry ability. He might have the single most impact on any given fight in any given game of any one player because of his ability to get instant headshot kills. While the cards are stacked against them as the last seed in playoffs, Carpe could carry his team to the semifinals.

  1. Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang

    Image result for jjonak overwatch
    Jjonak. Photo creid to Dot Esports and Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment.

It’s crazy to think Jjonak barely had any pro experience coming into Overwatch league. The number two overall ranked player, the number one overall Zenyatta, and the number three ranked player for damage, this man was a beast. His playstyle and accuracy made him more of a damage player than healer, leading to enemy teams having to deal with four of the best damage based players in the league when facing off against NYXL. They would not have been as dominant if not for the amazing play done by Jjonak, and that is why he is my number one candidate for MVP.

Who do you think should be MVP? Be sure to vote and get ready for playoffs which start July 11th!




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