Trevor May: A Pursuit of Passion

Passion has the ability to push people to reach unparalleled heights. For Major League Baseball pitcher Trevor May, passion is a driving force in everything he does, to say the least.

My dream is to be fully in control of my own destiny, where I want to go,” said May.

While the 28-year-old Washington native may be looking at where he wants to go, it is looking back at who he is and what’s done that has shaped him. May laces up his cleats just like any other professional baseball player, but beyond that, the similarities are few and far between.  The jack-of-all-trades has sported many hats throughout his career, with a baseball cap only being one of many.

When the former fourth-round draft pick is not on the mound, he is either being an active member of the eSports community, refining his computer graphics skills, in the DJ booth or simply exploring any other passions he can think of. The common themes in his passions have come to revolve around technology and to an extent what has now become popularized as “nerd culture.”

I like having fun, being goofy and I’m a dork,” May explained. “At the end of the day, it is that same feeling. The feeling of performing in front of people, I think that is my theme here that I like performing.”

Before May was performing at the highest stages of his skills, he was simply trying to make a name for himself just like anyone else. He credits his family from early on in his life being a driving force behind developing who he has become.

His father, a man who worked tirelessly at his craft that showed May what hard work is. His mother pushed him to pursue his passions whether it was baseball, music or anything else he could get his hands on.

May is on the fast track toward to stardom with sky-high expectations. “I have always had the highest expectations for myself. Nobody’s expectations for me have exceeded my own,” said May.

All the momentum that May had came to a screeching halt when an injury sidelined him. It was that step back that catapulted May forward into his other passions as he was forced to remove himself at least partially from the game while he rehabbed.  

When one door closed for May, another door with eSports and streaming was left wide open. May quickly filled his newly acquired free time with hours of Overwatch and more recently Fortnite, a combination that has given him some unique notoriety. The professional baseball player had suddenly made the jump to being a dual athlete after becoming sponsored and drawing a following on Twitch. While May won’t be recognized among the notable dual sports athletes such as Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and even Tim Tebow, he is paving the way for something scarcely seen prior 

When you are playing video games competitively, there is a certain feeling you get when you compete at a high level,” May said. “The way I feel when I get a strikeout on the mound is like how I feel when I am in the final frontier in a hard-fought Fortnite match.”

May added he understands the differences between the two sports are vast, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about competitiveness. The biggest similarity that the Twitch live-streamer shared was the simplified goal of two sports; to draw in a crowd. May’s career, whether it is as an athlete, a streamer or even playing music, he understands that without him as a performer drawing in crowds there is no outlet for his passions.

Even with life taking him in what seems like a million directions, May aims to keep his philosophy simple. “I am getting better every single day, finding perspective when it is hard to find perspective,” May said.

At this time, it remains unclear what is next for May. The one thing that is for certain is that passion will be at the core of whatever he may decide to pursue next.

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