Most Fashionable Athletes

When it comes to athletes, it is no doubt that they have a huge lump sum of cash in their back pockets. Most use them for charities, but every once in a while, they’ll use that money on themselves. Some focus on building up an interesting fashion sense as seen when they enter a venue or during press conferences. Whether the outfits are outlandish or really stylish, here are some fashionable athletes.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The New York Giants wide receiver has become a star in the NFL over the past few seasons with his insane ability to make catches that others would see as impossible. His most famous is the one-handed touchdown reception against the Dallas Cowboys in 2015. He truly is quite an impressive player, but he doesn’t just shine on the field.

OBJ has a unique fashion style when it comes to his suits and they just look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as portrayed in the photo above.

LeBron James

As if this guy doesn’t have enough going for him already. James is an All-Star who has built up quite the resume in his basketball career as he’s appeared in over 1,000 games and has scored over 31,000 points! He truly is the biggest star of this generation, but he doesn’t just shine on the court.

James always seems to be looking good. Despite most people always seeing him in a jersey, James takes advantage of his opportunities to wear regular street-clothes. No matter if it is for a special occasion, such as a press conference, or just a casual day, LeBron never fails to have an incredible fashion style. I guess when you’re making 154 million dollars you can afford to look that nice!

PK Subban

Subban really is in a world of his own; there’s never a dull moment when you’re talking about Subban. The Nashville defenseman never ceases to impress on and off the ice. He shines with his stellar play and scoring ability, but his personality really is something else. Not only is he a true class-act, as he still donates to a children’s hospital in Montreal, even after being traded from there, he is such a funny guy who always has time for jokes and childish gimmicks, as seen in his clothing choices.

During an interview on the NHL Network, he jokingly mocked play-by-play analyst Don Cherry as he wore a Hawaiian-type suit to the interview.

But Subban also has a serious fashion-sense as well as he just knows how to pull off any look. Nicely done PK!

Bryce Harper

Harper has also made a name for himself in the MLB. He’s appeared in over 850 games, and has scored over 560 runs and over 850 hits in just seven MLB seasons! It’s clear that Harper is a star on the field, but he also knows how to dress too! During an awards show, Harper in a surprisingly-pleasing all pink suit that just looks fantastic. His style compared to other MLB players just stands out as he isn’t afraid to wear anything.

David Beckham

Where to begin with this guy; he’s a soccer star! He’s scored 85 goals and 152 assists in his career. After six Premier League championship wins, Champions League title, two FA cup wins, four Community Shield awards, and one Intercontinental Cup title, Beckham called it quits and is now a professional model. His unique style always has him looking sharp. No matter the setting, Beckham is there turning heads, which just shows how amazing his fashion-sense is.

So those are the most fashionable athletes right now. You could always see a good outfit or two on any night where a sports game is coming on.

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