McGregor Escapes Felony Charges, Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct

UFC superstar Conor McGregor appeared in court July 26 and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in exchange for five days of community service and escaping felony charges. Along with that, the Irish based fighter will have an evaluation for an anger management program.

After a press conference at UFC 223, in April at the Barclays Center, McGregor started a hissy fit that involved throwing a dolly at a bus window shattering it. The event forced two fighters not to be able to fight.

He has since paid for the damages caused to the bus.

It is unknown when McGregor can fight next, but it could be sooner than later.

According to the UFC, the McGregor-Khabib fight could happen either Oct. 6 or Dec. 29 stated on Sportscenter: AM with Ariel Helwani.

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