Premier League: 5 Most Exciting Players for 2018

The 2018-19 English Premier League season is set to begin in less than three weeks. We’re coming off the FIFA World Cup and quite a few players who play in the Premier League are coming off brilliant performances.

This season’s five most exciting players;

1. Harry Kane (Tottenham): Kane was the top scorer in this year’s World Cup tournament (6). Kane played a huge role in captaining his national team to reach the semifinals for the first time since 1990. He was second in the Premier League last season in goals scored with 30 and his unique ability to score made him a favorite to win the World Cup’s Golden Boot award. Kane is expected to come into this season much more motivated and focused than last season. While he was unable to captain England to a second World Cup triumph, he was able to captain them to the final four, making it farther than heavyweights Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and Portugal. England was not expected to make a deep run in the tournament, but Kane was able to defy the odds and motivate and lead his teammates to their best run in 28 years.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City): The leader in crosses (248), through balls (41), and assists (16) last year in the Premier League. De Bruyne scored the game-winning goal in the quarterfinals against Brazil, sending Belgium to the semifinals for the first time since 1986. His efforts in the game against Brazil made him the Man of the Match. This season, De Bruyne is expected to pick where he left off. We can expect him to do what he does best and show off his unique passing skills as well as his ability to provide assists. De Bruyne’s efforts in the World Cup put him on the shortlist for nominees for The Best FIFA Men’s Player award. This should only motivate him further and he’s out to prove why he’s worthy of winning it and why he deserves to win it.

3. Paul Pogba (Manchester United): Ever since his return to Old Trafford for a then-record transfer fee of €105 million, Pogba has been unable to make a strong impact on the pitch. Some say that Jose Mourinho’s tactics are just unsuitable for Pogba’s skills and some say that Pogba has been distracted by his fame and popularity. Pogba just helped his country bring home their second World Cup trophy and his efforts played a large role in France winning the World Cup, so perhaps it’s safe to say that Pogba was anything but distracted and unfocused. Mourinho has challenged Pogba to focus and play as hard for M. United as he did for France. No doubt, Pogba is more motivated than ever and he’s only looking to learn more and get better, as well as help M. United achieve success. Unfortunately, the only hiccup is the whether Pogba and Mourinho can get on the same page.

4. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): The top scorer last year in the Premier League (32). Salah played a huge role in helping his home nation of Egypt qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1990 as well as helping Liverpool reach the final of the UEFA Champions League final. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a good World Cup run as Egypt crashed out of the Group stage, losing all three of their games. Salah did manage to score two goals, but his efforts were simply not enough to qualify for the knockouts. It was bad enough that he suffered a bad shoulder injury in the Champions League final. The accomplishments he achieved and the awards he won last year really tell the story on his inaugural season with Liverpool but Salah is ready for new challenges for this season. He’s fresh and healthy and he’s participating in Liverpool’s warm-up tour. At the moment, there are no problems and it looks like he’ll be ready to go in Liverpool’s opening match against West Ham United. Salah is ready to pick up where he left off.

5. Eden Hazard (Chelsea): The winner of the Silver Ball award after being selected the second best player of the tournament. In the quarterfinal against Brazil, Hazard became the first player since 1966 to complete ten dribbles with a rate of 100 percent. Hazard was determined to make the most of this tournament as he’s looking to have a better season in the Premier League this season. He captained his national team finish 3rd place, Belgium’s best result in a World Cup tournament. Hazard only scored 12 goals last season in the Premier League, but he’s eager to prove he can do better. Perhaps his success with his national team will help him coming into this season.

All these players simply did their best in the World Cup. Some didn’t have the same amount of success, but overall, they all did what they could. But with the World Cup being in the past, these players can’t rely on their success in Russia to help this season. Arrogance is what they must avoid as it leads to a downward spiral.




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