Jalen McMillan: Look Good, Feel Good, I’Sall Good

Look good, feel good, play good. That was a phrase coined by the great Deion Sanders. It’s a moniker that 2020 three-sport athlete Jalen McMillan lives by. Yes, he plays not one, not two, but three sports.

McMillan plays baseball and runs track in addition to being a four-star football player. The 6’2″, 181-pound receiver had a monster sophomore campaign for San Joaquin Memorial in Fresno, CA. He accumulated 78 catches, 1,810 receiving yards, and 21 touchdowns as he drew the attention of top college programs. Oh, he returned two kicks for touchdowns for good measure too.

Numbers are only a part of what makes the rising junior an absolute must-have at the next level.

Being a three-sport athlete is unique for McMillan, but baseball and running track make him the dominant player that he is.

With track, it has made the Panther receiver a weapon. He is capable of scoring anywhere on the field when he plucks the rock from the air, averaging 23.2 yards per catch a year ago. His adept baseball skills show when tracking deep throws. McMillan makes it seem effortless when the moment of truth arrives to reel in a bomb when surrounded by defenders.

The junior receiver talked about catching those long bombs saying, “Its a feeling of excitement. There’s that short pause while the ball is in the air and when you come down with it the crowd goes crazy.”

There is more to McMillan’s game as the fine details make him special . His route running is crisp as it allows him to create space to turn it up-field for long runs after the catch. Next, with little concern for his well-being, McMillan isn’t scared to make the tough catches in the middle of the field. Lastly, he is willing to do the dirty work for others as a blocker.

Did I mention the fire that he plays with?

McMillan prefers to let his game do the talking, but he doesn’t shy from letting corners know how he feels if they initiate the trash talking. Besides, he finds it disrespectful when corners try to press him at the line of scrimmage. McMillan as if they are trying to stop him from achieving the goals he has set for himself.

From the way he plays the game to his physique to his tenacity, it is no wonder he emulates and models his game after Odell Beckham Jr.

McMillan is flying up the rankings as a recruit (108th player according to ESPN) and reeling in more than catches. He has offers from Division I programs like Oklahoma, UCLA, and the school closest to him in distance Fresno State. Also, McMillan has offers as a baseball and football player from Arizona, Cal, and his dream school USC. He describes the recruitment process as an amazing experience.

Family has a way of keeping us grounded and even-kilt at times. The love they have can be unconditional and helps us grow. McMillan talked about his family and how they helped him overcome his biggest critic, himself.

“My family means everything to me. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They discipline and teach me new things every day,” stated McMillan. “I went through a time in my life where all I did was focus on the negative and talk down on myself. They just talked to me and helped me through it.”

McMillan’s family taught him to maintain a great attitude, be a fierce gamer, and never give up.

It was that bit of adversity that McMillan overcame that makes him as confident as ever, especially on the field.

This offseason McMillan has been grinding, doing two-a-days with no days off. As for his goals for the upcoming season, J-Mac has his sights set high for himself as well as the SJM Panthers.

“I want to break my records and break the Central section records. I want my team to win a valley and state championship because were definitely contenders,” said McMillan.

McMillan has embraced the phrase “look good, feel good, play good.” Between winning and being one of the most sought after players in America, life is all good for the young man.

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