The Most Memorable Athlete Acting Performances

While it may be common for fans to see their favorite athlete on the field or court, it hasn’t become uncommon to occasionally see them in some films either. Being featured in a film just gives that person credit and adds to their repertoire of talents that they possess, and it could be an indicator on whether or not they have an acting career once their athletic career comes to an end.

O.J. Simpson

OJ “The Juice” Simpson, the 11-year veteran spent nine years of his career with the Buffalo Bills. On the field, the Hall of Famer left quite a name for himself in the football community. He appeared in 135 games and has rushed for well over 11,000 yards throughout his career.

Before his run-ins with the police, Simpson was a brilliant actor and appeared in several films. Most notably he was featured in the Naked Gun franchise, Capricorn OneNo Place to Hide and many more. On the big screen, he had the ability to be humorous when needed and tune into a more serious character when it called for it. When the murder case began to take full speed in the 90’s, O.J.’s career was essentially over, but he was still an incredible player and a brilliant actor.

LeBron James

It may be a surprise if you didn’t already know but, Lebron James has appeared in a handful of films and TV shows in his career. He’s appeared in a few episodes of the currently running Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! as himself and has appeared in movies such as the 2015 comedy Trainwreck. It is even rumored that he could be in the newest Space Jam 2 movie.

In his limited sample size as an actor, he has shown that he can deliver his lines in a humorous way and has great voice-acting skills. James just keeps adding to his resume of the many talents he possesses; he is sure to have a great career as an actor down the road.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is quite a character, as has become well known. With his funny post-game interviews and just overall goofy personality, he really is one of those athletes who was made for acting. As he is often seen as the spokesperson for The General car insurance, where his personality is on display once again. The most recent featured film that he starred in is Uncle Drew, a new basketball movie about retired basketball stars suiting up for a legendary match. He had a small role in The Lego Movie and was also seen in the very beginning of Scary Movie 4. Needless to say, Shaq is truly an icon and was built for TV and entertainment!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan quickly became an icon in the basketball community and it wasn’t long before the endorsement offers came flying in. Jordan appeared in a famous anti-drug commercial in 1987 which is still remembered to this day by many, as it has evolved into a meme in the modern-day entertainment.

His most famous movie is by far Space Jam. The combination between the Looney Toons and the biggest basketball star of the time made for one of the most nostalgic movies ever. The nostalgia is the main reason for why Jordan is on this list, mainly because his acting is clearly remembered years after the film’s release in 1996.

 Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has very quickly become one of the biggest and best entertainers of the 21st century. Starting out on the University of Miami Football team and then becoming “The Rock” in the WWE, Johnson eventually transitioned over to movies where, nowadays, he seems to be spitting out a new movie left and right.

He’s appeared in numerous movies in 2018 alone such as RampageSkyscraper and Bay Watch. Even as a supporting actor Johnson has been able to hold his own, specifically in the Fast and Furious movies and the Disney feature Moana where he displayed his singing abilities.  He even appeared on an episode of TBS’s Conan where he abruptly gave Conan O’Brien some acting lessons.

Johnson’s acting and entertainment abilities have gotten him recognized by the acting community. He’s won the Action Star of the Year in 2012, Entertainer of the Year in 2017 and many Kid’s Choice Awards with Nickelodeon. He is clearly admired by all ages, which only gives his films more exposure to a vast variety of audiences, which makes him one of the greatest athletes turned actor in the world of the 21st century.

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