Premier League: Is Zinedine Zidane a good choice for Manchester United?

This season, expectations have never been higher for Jose Mourinho, the current manager of Manchester United. Since the club failed to win a single trophy last season and suffered a disappointing exit from the UEFA Champions League tournament, Mourinho faced a lot of criticism and is under a lot of pressure now. Most supporters want Mourinho sacked. This season could be his last chance and if he does lose his position, somebody has already offered his services to replace Mourinho.

On Tuesday, August 14th, numerous sources reported that Zinedine Zidane announced his desire of managing M. United. The beloved French Soccer legend has been out of work since his unexpected resignation as manager of Real Madrid, shortly after leading the club to its third straight Champions League title.

Shortly after his departure from Madrid, it was rumored he’d take over as manager of the French National Soccer Team had they had a bad fallout in the World Cup, but because France hoisted the trophy, it’s safe to say France will stick with Didier Deschamps for at least until the 2022 World Cup. According to ESPN, the French Football Federation never considered Zidane to take over as Deschamps’ contract, which goes through 2020, would be honored no matter what. Zidane, himself, never admitted to any intention of pursuing the manager’s position for France.

M. United has not been the same since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Since Ferguson left in 2013, the club hasn’t won a Premier League title and haven’t done well in the Champions League. While Mourinho has a high winning record, the low number of trophies won during his tenure at Old Trafford tells a different story. Furthermore, in the last year or so, Mourinho’s relationship with the players hasn’t been very positive as tensions have reportedly risen.

The Red Devils need a manager of Zidane’s caliber. Zidane’s list of accomplishments in his three-year tenure in Spanish capital truly speaks for itself; a 70 percent win percentage through 149 games, the first manager in history to win three straight Champions League titles, two UEFA Super Cups, one La Liga title, two FIFA Club World Cups, and one Spanish Super Cup. In 2017, he won the FIFA Men’s Coach of the Year award.

When Zidane took over for R. Madrid, there was a negative atmosphere within the club, they were losing games, putting up very poor results, the players were unhappy, and nothing was going in the right direction. As soon as he was appointed the new manager, Zidane wasted no time and immediately turned things around and led them to win the Champions League title.

Zidane is the kind of manager that doesn’t waste time rebuilding a team and making necessary changes when needed. Zidane expects results and he immediately sets forth the objectives that he knows he needs to achieve in order to get the results he expects. In other words, Zidane always has a plan. Zidane always had the trust and respect from the players at Madrid. The players of M. United need a manager they can trust.


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