Battle by the Bay: Quarterbacks’ Edition

Football is back !

Three words we’ve been dying to say since the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots.

The National Football League is poised for a bounce back season after a year of injuries to star players (Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, and others) and controversial political headlines (the national anthem fiasco).

It’s time for the NFL to regain its’ spot as America’s pastime and one intriguing story line that can’t be ignored is football in the Bay Area.

The Oakland Raiders start their final season as residents of the Bay. They have immense pressure to bring a title to Oakland before they move to Las Vegas.

On the opposite side of the Bay, the San Francisco 49ers are the trendy pick to make the playoffs. Jimmy Garoppolo proved his worth by going 5-0, throwing seven touchdowns and five interceptions. Although his touchdown-interception ratio wasn’t stellar, Garoppolo showed his intangibles by going undefeated with a team that had won just one game prior to his first start.

Jimmy G has shown all the signs of a franchise caliber quarterback but his true test comes in his first season as the unheralded starter. Since there’s more film on Garoppolo, it will be interesting to see how he adjust to altered coverages that are meant to expose his tendencies.

The Raiders have Super Bowl admirations no doubt. Just a season ago, they were sure locks to meet the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, but a broken fibula for Derek Carr halted those expectations.

With a proven coach in Jon Gruden and talent, the Raiders should be a top tier team in the AFC which means Carr will have an opportunity to re-establish himself as an MVP candidate.

The same can be said for Garoppolo if he continues his upward trajectory. If Carr can reach his 2016-17 season performance, the Raiders will have a strong chance at winning a bunch of games and providing a new challenge for teams in the AFC.

It will be an interesting battle between the two stars once the season starts, but who will have the most success this upcoming season? The quarterback that is the most steady under center will ultimately decide how successful his team will be.

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