Best FOX Sports Personalities

Since its inception in 2013, Fox Sports 1 has added sports talk and debate shows like Skip and Shannon’s: Undisputed, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and more. And with those shows comes vibrant personalities. Here are the best of those personalities:

5. Joel Klatt

Klatt joined Fox Sports at the beginning in 2013, and he’s been one of my favorite college football analysts. A three-year starter at quarterback for Colorado, Klatt is extremely knowledgeable of the NCAA. The former Buffalo makes appearances on UndisputedThe Herd, and Speak For Yourself and is at times extremely critical of the College Football Playoff. Klatt backs up his arguments with facts and dat, and his intelligence is evident every time he makes an appearance.

4. Joy Taylor

When Kristine Leahy left The Herd, I was disappointed because I didn’t think there would be a replacement that is better. And then they announced Taylor would be joining the show. The former moderator of Undisputed moved over and she’s proved to be a good complement to Cowherd. Ever since joining the show, she’s been able to express her opinions more and she often speaks out for women in the sports world.

3. Chris Broussard

Broussard is an NBA insider and analyst for Fox Sports and although he gets made fun of for his “sources,” he’s an excellent NBA reporter. Broussard has built relationships with NBA players so his intel and input on players’ emotions and intentions are trustworthy.  Many of his interviews with various NBA personalities can be found on Broussard’s podcast, In The Zone with Chris Broussard. The former New York Times writer knows the NBA well and can articulate the history of the league as well as anybody so I make sure to watch him if he makes an appearance on a FS1 show.

2. Colin Cowherd

Since 2004, Colin Cowherd has been the host of The Herd and is one of the most popular sports radio personalities. Cowherd is a very out-of-the-box thinker and provides different perspectives on today’s sports topics. Though sometimes he can go overboard, Cowherd gives criticism of stars like Russell Westbrook, Baker Mayfield, and Cam Newton and uses facts and statistics to back up his arguments. The Eastern Washington alum even invites these players to join The Herd for tough interviews. Most recently, Cowherd had Baker Mayfield on the show and had one of his best interviews to date.

1. Best: Shannon Sharpe

Sharpe has been an NFL analyst since his retirement from the NFL in 2003, but he’s recently gained notoriety for being a co-host of Undisputed since 2016. He’s entertaining with his love for LeBron James and any team playing the Dallas Cowboys to spite his partner, Skip Bayless. Sharpe is often animated and sometimes brings props on the show like a GOAT mask and the Hennessy with the Black & Milds, and social media nearly every week makes a meme out of what he says on his show.

But what puts the former Savannah State player at the top of this list is his constant defense of players on social issues. From Colin Kaepernick to LeBron, he consistently uses his platform to support players for being more than just athletes.

FS1 has evolved into a channel that shows debate-style shows for most of the day and it has obtained some of the best and most vibrant personalities in sports media. It is safe to say that they are only getting started.

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