PSG: Strength in Numbers

Paris Saint-Germain came into the UEFA Champions League last season with arguably the most expensive and, probably, the most talented squad. They were heavily favored to win it all, but their run ended in heart-breaking fashion at the feet of Real Madrid. This year, PSG is looking to redeem themselves and make a deeper run in the hopes of winning their first Champions League title.

PSG is not off to the start they were hoping for as they lost their opening game against Liverpool. They made a valiant attempt to comeback and win until a Roberto Firmino goal for Liverpool took the win from their sails. As a result of the loss, PSG is at the bottom of their group. The result of the loss to Liverpool was because they lacked focus and a killer instinct in moments where they should have capitalized.

While PSG is in a bit of trouble due to their opening loss, now isn’t the time for them to go into panic mode. They’ve got five more group games left to play. However, they cannot settle for draws or another loss. Their next game will be October 3. They’ve got plenty of time to prepare and regroup. This Sunday, PSG will play their next Ligue 1 match. They have a total of three matches to play until their next UEFA game and winning them will help them regain confidence.

PSG is certainly capable of winning the UEFA tournament this season. If they do win it all this season, their reason for the success won’t necessarily be because of how talented and expensive they are. No, like any champion, the success will be due to their concentration and their ability to work cohesively. Edinson Cavani, Neymar, Mbappé, Angel Di Maria, as well as well as American youngster Tim Weah are all capable of playing vital roles for PSG. They have too much talent for one player to feel like they need to be “the man.”

In order for the club to find the focus, they need to find motivation.

It’s quite difficult for PSG to get motivated due to the fact that the competition in Ligue 1 is scarce. PSG is in the same situation as Bayern Munich as competition in the Bundesliga league. When a club is in a league with very little competition, they rarely get a challenge. That can lead to a false sense of entitlement when they step on the field. Also, you can’t prepare for big moments through practice as there is nothing authentic about those moments. In other words, you can’t generate the same pressure one will experience in the game.

PSG is very much like the French national team before they won the World Cup. They are filled with plenty of talent, but lack the cohesion necessary to be a true threat to other European clubs. They have got to settle in and play for one another in a selfless brand of soccer. If they do, then it will be bad news for anyone that steps on the field with them.

PSG came into their Champions League game against Liverpool hungry for a challenge and they got it. Although it resulted in a losing effort, PSG did their best to make the best of the first challenge of their season. Now, they need to prepare for the next one.


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