The Chiefs Are a Threat, To a Certain Extent

The Kansas City Chiefs are sitting on top of the AFC West tied with the Denver Broncos at 2-0 record. The Chiefs offense has been red-hot, scoring 80 points combined in the first two games thanks in big part to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

Mahomes has thrown for 582 yards and 10 touchdowns, which is a NFL record for most passing touchdowns to start the season.

However, are they Super Bowl Contenders?

Here are the reasons why they are:

High Powered Offense:

Mahomes has a lot of weapons at his disposal. Kareem Hunt was the league-leading rusher last year and he provides a nice option out of the backfield. Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest receivers in the league as he can line up anywhere and be a threat. Sammy Watkins is adds another dimension to this offense as a bigger, vertical threat. Travis Kelce is still around as well as the All-Pro tight end is every bit as good as Rob Gronkowski. With those weapons on offense, opposing defenses might just go into fear mode when facing the team from Arrowhead.

Andy Reid’s Experience:

Reid is in his fifth season in Kansas City as the head coach. He also just entered into his 19th season as a head coach. What that means is there is practically nothing he hasn’t seen at this point in his career. He does a good job of coming up with schemes to exploit opposing defenses.  If the Chiefs want to be the team to beat in the NFL, they will need to lean on Reid’s leadership and experience. It will be interesting to see if Reid can have his team applying pressure for majority of the season as opposed to just the first half. Remember, the Chiefs have started fast through eight games the last few seasons only to fall flat in the second half and in the playoffs.

But the Defense:

The Chiefs defense has struggled the first two games of the season. For the Chiefs to be considered as one of the league’s elite teams, the defense needs to step up. The defense has some talented players, but they have to jell.

All-Pro safety Eric Berry is the heart and soul of the defense and his energy is infectious as well as his knack for generating turnovers. Chris Jones can make things happen up front by generating sacks, making tackles in the backfield, or simply drawing double teams. Justin Houston, like Berry, is a difference maker when he is in the lineup. The Chiefs have to find a way to maximize his reps as a pass rusher as he is an aging veteran.

The defense’s biggest Achilles heel is in the secondary and that’s what happens when you trade an All-Pro corner in Marcus Peters. Kendall Fuller, whom they acquired in a deal with Washington, is a talented young player, but he does not boast the size of Peters.  from Washington in the Alex Smith deal, which should help lighten the burden of the Peters being dealt.

Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton might be in over his head. It’s simply too much to ask a defensive coordinator to make lemonade with oranges. With no pass rushing and a shaky secondary, it’s hard to envision this Chiefs team getting very far in the playoffs. However, Reid has tons of experience and with a, seemingly, top five offense the Chiefs should be considered a threat in the AFC.




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