The Most Polarizing Quarterback in the NFL

At this point in the NFL season, it’s the time where families will gather around the dinner table, especially with Thanksgiving coming up, and for most sports fans, the main topic of discussion will be football with the playoffs drawing closer and closer. Most of the time someone will claim Player X is no fgood and someone will disagree and the family will start discussing the playoff chances of Team Y and all else. Well, there’s a Player X this year that stands out as extremely polarizing among fans of the game: Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky was pretty awful in the first three games of the year, two of those games being under a national spotlight and not having another game on prime time with the nation watching hasn’t helped the UNC product’s case. But what has been evident even in the prime time showings is that the Bears have a stellar defense and it’s not only Khalil MackDanny Trevathan has shone, not just as a run stuffer which he’s always been brilliant at but he also has been a factor against the pass logging an interception and two sacks. Akeim Hicks, who led the team in sacks and QB hits in 2017 has logged three sacks and nine quarterback hits, the latter of which is more than Mack.

And all this is to say nothing of the secondary, led by cornerback Kyle Fuller who has four interceptions and 10 passes defended this season. The safety duo with Adrian Amos and Eddie Jackson  may be one of the best in the league. The two complement each other so well. Amos plays the run really well while Jackson is a ballhawk.

What does this have to do with Trubisky? His critics have used it against him saying he’s benefitted from a top tier defense allowing him to skate by and his insecurities have been hidden and that was true for the first three weeks but watching Trubisky in the first three weeks of the season versus watching him after his six touchdown game against Tampa Bay is like watching a completely different player.

Since the bye week, Trubisky has thrown for 1,359 yards and 11 touchdowns in five games as opposed to 591 yards and two touchdowns before the bye week (excluding the wild Tampa Bay excursion.) He shows patience and poise in the pocket and when protection does break down, he isn’t afraid to tuck the ball and take off. And his rushing ability is one of the best in the league rivaling Cam Newton. He does miss on deep throws more often than other quarterbacks but overall his accuracy has been very good.

Another reason for Trubisky’s success is the offense that’s been built around him. Nagy’s system helps him a lot and the team that has been built around him with dynamic pieces like Tarik Cohen and Taylor Gabriel. Add that to Allen Robinson as the top receiver that defenses keep their focus on and Anthony Miller starting to see a larger share of targets (He’s seeing a similar volume over the past four games to that of Emmanuel Sanders, Juju Smith-Schuster and Robert Woods this season.) and it makes for a productive offense.

At the end of the day, the Bears are a complete team. They are the only team in the NFL that are in the top 10 in the NFL in scoring offense and defense and Trubisky is at the helm of it and he’s only getting better as time goes on.


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