WWE: Rumbling into a New Era

The first Pay-Per-View event of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) took place Sunday night in Phoenix, Arizona. The excitement at Chase Field for the Road to WrestleMania was ecstatic.

The event offered as many questions as it did answers. What will the world see at the Royal Rumble? Probably the more important question is: Whether the WWE is in a new era as proclaimed by the McMahons?

New Tag Team Championship for SmackDown Live

The crowning of new SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions in The Miz and Shane McMahon was quite refreshing. People could see from the start that The Miz and Shane could go head to head at Mania, but the question was how do we get there?

Well, The Miz convinced Shane to become the “Best Tag Team in the World”, after weeks of pleading. Was it realistic to see them winning the tag team titles over The Bar who were five-time champs themselves? If fans wanted a cohesive story line to make sense for Mania then they should.

Shane hadn’t been a champion since 2007 when his father was the ECW Champion. Now, in 2019, he is changing that trend. What is in the future of the new SmackDown Live Tag Champs and is betrayal on the horizon with two months to go before WrestleMania?

Only time will tell.

Women Owning the Night

The ladies opened the show with three of the first four matches. There was a championship bout between Asuka, the champ, and Becky Lynch, the challenger. There was a great deal of physicality on display betwen two wrestlers who prefer to tap make others submit.

They both applied their signature submission move to one another, but that wasn’t the kicker. A cattle mutilation is the move that ended this match for Asuka. When was the last time the cattle mutilation was used in a WWE? Wow! But the WWE Universe says part one of the plan is complete because this wasn’t the last time The Man would appear.

The Raw Women’s Championship match between the champ, Ronda Rousey, and the challenger, Sasha Banks, was just as physical.

The combatants tried to rip each other’s arm off and basically fighting through pain. Neither was willing to give up. However, there was a surprise ending.

With a vicious slam by Rousey trying to send Banks to hell, figuratively speaking, Rousey achieved her first-ever pinfall victory. Everyone knew that Rousey would keep the title, but it was good for the WWE to have her pin Sasha. It’s a change of pace from having her trying to break wrestlers’ arms.

Now, Banks can focus on a bigger goal next month regarding the Elimination Chamber on February 17.

Man The Rumble, Ladies

Finally, the Rumble was in line with what the people wanted the most. However, the ladies stole the show again in which makes you believe that the new era is here or at least flowing that way.

The women’s rumble was the second part of the WWE Universe’s plan for Becky Lynch and the WWE complied. Replacing an injured Lana at 28, Chase Field exploded in excitement, The Man was in the Rumble.

Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Nia Jax(remember this name) were the final four with the opportunity of a lifetime. If you didn’t know by now, Lynch won the Rumble, but it’s how she won that was a bit of a problem. She eliminated Nia Jax after Bayley was eliminated.

Now, the one they call The Man is headlining WrestleMania and rightfully so because, there is no bigger name in wrestling right now then Becky Lynch including Ronda Rousey.

The ladies or a lady was not done with the Rumble as the men’s rumble main evented the night. Quickly the surprises you have come to see in the rumble was out the door quickly Jeff Jarret, Kurt Angle, Johnny Gargano, and Aliseter Black were in the first half of the rumble but that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that the two heavy favorites in Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre both entered the Rumble match in the teens and not the twenties in which one of them was eliminated well before the final four in Drew McIntyre. What will WWE come up with for McIntyre to make to the Rumble? Enter the Chamber next month? It will have to be because McIntyre is the top heel of the company despite Lesnar being the Universal Champion.

Back to the rumble however, R-Truth where everyone knew he was the last entry to the rumble, but he didn’t make to the ring by way of NIA JAX. Just the fourth women to enter the men’s rumble and the biggest one since Beth Phoenix. Excitement and confusion came together at this moment as nobody knew what to do at this moment. It showed as Mustafa Ali was eliminated by Jax because of the situation that a woman is in the rumble in a time where domestic violence is on a high.

What do you do in this situation? You get a viper involved.

Randy Orton known for his snake like action towards anybody including women as a professional wrestler/entertainer. There’s only one way to neutralize Nia Jax and that’s with Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. They teamed up eliminate to Jax with a 619-RKO combo. This will not be forgotten because the high of the rumble was right here even though the Kingslayer, Seth Freakin Rollins won the rumble and will headline WrestleMania most likely against Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship.

It definitely seems the new era as the McMahons promised is coming together nicely. The women continue to thrive in the spotlight. The notion of the women possibly main eventing the company’s biggest show is definitely something to watch. In addition, the first-ever women’s tag team champs inside the chamber is exciting.

We will see what the men will do in the Chamber even though the spotlight will be squarely on the ladies. The new era of WWE is here and it should be very enjoyable as the Road to WrestleMania looms.

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