NBA: Should the New Orleans Pelicans Re-locate?

The New Orleans Pelicans have not had the best few weeks. Recently, superstar Anthony Davis demanded a trade as voiced his opinion that he has no desire to re-sign.

If the team were to trade Davis, should they just move elsewhere?

When it comes to attendance the Pelicans have been anything but outstanding in that department. The team has finished in the bottom of third in attendance in each of the previous five years.

Between 2014-2019, the highest the team has finished on the list is 21st. This is despite fielding a team that has been a playoff contender and was anchored by one of the leagues youngest and most talented stars.

The organization has never been high in attendance, not even during the Chris Paul era. The highest they finished during Paul’s tenure was 11th.

It’s shocking as their NFL counterpart, the New Orleans Saints, have finished in the top ten in attendance every year since 2010.

Not to mention that New Orleans is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. What this trend may be saying, however, is that New Orleans is a one trick pony and there is not enough room for fandom to spread from the Saints to the Pelicans. By the numbers, it simply shows that the Saints are the hot ticket in town and the Pelicans are barely worth the price of admission for many, despite having a player like Davis.

If they move on from the All-Star big man, there are some cities that could welcome the helpless organization.

The most likely city to come to mind would be Seattle. Seattle has been without the Supersonics for over a decade. It’s hard to not miss a team that was stationed there from 1967 to 2008.

Citizens of Seattle were devastated when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City and re-branded themselves as the Thunder.

Almost every season, rumors swirl about the NBA looking to relocate a team or have a new one set up shop in Seattle. The NBA even had a preseason game in Seattle in 2018 between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings. To no one’s surprise, the arena was electric as the game was well-received.

Some other cities yearning for a team are Las Vegas, Vancouver, Louisville, and Mexico City just to name a few.

New Orleans and the NBA has never really been a good mix. So, if the one they call ‘The Brow’ is traded, it might be better for the league if the Pelicans decided to move on too.

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