NBA: Teams Looking to Make a Run After the All-Star Break

The All-Star break is known for making and “breaking” teams. Some perform better, some perform worse, some stay the same.

A recent example of the ups and downs of the NBA seasons is after the break in 2016-2017. The Miami Heat went on a historic second-half run. Miami arrived at the break 11-30, but ended up finishing out the regular season 41-41. It was the best record of any team in the NBA after the All-Star break that year. Now, which teams are looking to go on the come up after this year’s break?

Philadelphia 76ers

Sitting at 34-20, and 5th in the East, Philly isn’t exactly where they were expected to be. However, after trading for Jimmy Butler, they were slowly getting better and better.

Help is on the way.

Philly traded for Tobias Harris of the Clippers on Wednesday. The Tennessee product has been nothing short of great for the Clips and is looking to do more of the same with Philly.

With a starting five of Simmons-Redick-Butler-Harris-Embiid, they easily have the most talented starting lineup in the East. Be very cautious Eastern Conference, because if this team comes together well, it might be a wrap for who represents the East this year in the NBA Finals.

Miami Heat

Sitting at 25-27, and 8th in the East, Miami is just about where most expected them to be. Miami has been riddled by injuries and inconsistent play this season so far, otherwise they would be on the other side of the .500 mark.

After finally getting Dion Waiters back on the floor after almost a full year after ankle surgery, Goran Dragic went down with a knee injury. Dragic is expected to make his return sometime after the break. This being said, with Josh Richardson, Hassan Whiteside, Dwyane Wade, Justise Winslow, and Bam Adebayo all giving Miami good basketball, Miami should make another good run after the break when Dragic returns.

Houston Rockets

After starting off near the bottom of the West, the Rockets have finally turned it around. As of February 6, Houston sits at 31-22, good for 5th in the standings.

Chris Paul has dealt with injury most of the year but is finally back. Houston was expected to be the clear-cut second place team the whole year, but it hasn’t worked out that way. With James Harden continuing his historic scoring run, and Paul coming back from injury, Houston is finally ready to take the title they thought they were “entitled” to.

Los Angeles Lakers

With the deadline coming up, it’s very unlikely the Lakers will get Anthony Davis from the Pelicans at this time. Before LeBron’s injury, the Lakers were in the conversation as the second best team in the West. They spent most of their time between the 2-4 seeds until LeBron went down. Now they sit at 27-27, three wins out of the 8th seed. Some of the players included in the trade talks might have their play affected because of that, but it’s also hard to think the Lakers won’t return to the form they were at when LeBron was healthy.

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