NBA: Five Most Exciting Draft Scenarios for Zion Williamson

It feels like it was just yesterday when the legend of Zion Williamson began to spread through social media like wildfire. His in-game 360 dunk was more sought after than any video evidence of Bigfoot or UFO’s.

It seemed like there was a new video of the North Carolina native defying gravity and throwing down a highlight-reel dunk after that. Williamson quickly became a household name.

Now, after half a year in college, he’s proving to be every bit of a budding superstar.

With the NBA Draft just four months away, NBA teams are frothing at the mouth for a chance at drafting what many feel is a franchise changing player in Williamson. Nicknamed Zanos by his teammates—after the all-powerful comic book character Thanos—the 18-year-old is putting up over 22 points per game, while shooting 68.2 percent from the field. He is also proving to be a menace on the defensive end, swatting two shots nightly.

The numbers are definitively backing up the hype for Zion. In fact, teams throughout the league, whether they’re tanking or are close to playoff position, are enticed by his athleticism. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most alluring destinations for Zion.  

5) Atlanta Hawks

When the talented Trae Young touched down in the ATL as the newest member of the Hawks, many wondered if the 20-year-old could develop into a legitimate NBA point guard.

Many felt Young was merely a three-point shooter, citing his time as a Sooner. Young is now averaging just under 17 points with 7.5 assists. John Collins, who the Hawks drafted last year, has bumped all of his stats up significantly. He is one of the best young bigs in the league.

Atlanta currently dwells at the bottom-five worst records in the league, again giving them a shot at a lottery pick. If they can somehow land the first pick, there is no doubt the Hawks would welcome “Flyin’” Zion to the State Farm Arena.

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4) Chicago Bulls

Chicago has a promising young core as well headed by Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen. The idea of pairing two high-flyers in LaVine ad Williamson would be downright disgusting in the open floor. However, this move might not happen after the Bulls acquired veteran swingman Otto Porter in a trade.

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3) Phoenix Suns

The Suns currently have one of the youngest and most lethal sharpshooters in the league in Devin Booker. Phoenix added Deandre Ayton last draft who is currently averaging a double-double while shooting under 60 percen.

As it stands, the Suns hold the second-worst record in the league. This bodes well for them in the Zion sweepstakes. If the Suns are able to add the fabled Zion, Phoenix would have one of the most exciting, yet youthful rosters in the league.

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2) Los Angeles Lakers

You must be rolling your eyes seeing the Lakers on this list.

They already have LeBron James on the team so how much better could things get for the L.A.?

It can get sweeter if they somehow get the top pick in the upcoming draft. Don’t put it passed the storied Los Angeles franchise to do such a thing. They were already shopping their young core of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram in hopes of securing Anthony Davis.

If the Lakers can manage to fool whichever team holds that number one lottery pick come June, we could be looking at a new Batman/Robin situation with Lebron and Zion soaring through the Staples Center in purple and gold.

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1) New York Knicks

When the Knicks traded away Kristaps Porzingis, the Knicks were left without a star. It also appeared as though it was another bonehead move made by owner James Dolan.

Some, however, felt this was Dolan’s first move towards making the Knicks a respected NBA powerhouse once again. The Knicks now have enough cap space to land two true NBA superstars, potentially Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving—the latter being an east coast native.

Not only will the Knicks have two max-contract slots open, they also currently hold the worst record in the league.

Knicks fans throughout the land are salivating at the idea of having two superstars and Zion. After all, he is appearing to be one of the most sought-after NBA prospects since James. If the Knicks can somehow manage to not screw things up in typical Knicks fashion, New York will undoubtedly reign supreme as the true basketball mecca of the world.

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