The WIZRD by Future Album Review

Future dropped his seventh studio album on January 18th, 2019. This project is a 20 song album with three singles: “Crushed Up”, “Jumpin on a Jet”, and “First Off”.

Future is best known for his album, “Dirty Sprite 2” and mixtapes like “Beast Mode” and “Beast Mode 2”.

He’s been prevalent in the game for almost a decade now. This project felt like a last second attempt get any crazy thought he had out of his head as he turned to the second decade of his career.

I’m going to break this album down into three sections: Standout Tracks, Eh, It’s Alright, and Skip.

Ok, let’s get into it.

Standout Tracks

Never Stop”Produced by Hitmakers and ATL Jacob: Future opens the album and is spilling his feelings on the track. Talking about how he came into fame and how he wants his inner-circle to make it with him. “Made it out the trenches, it got harder for my n****s, I just wanna see my dogs ball, seven figures”

Temptation”Produced by Tay Keith: Right away Future starts off talking about how he came up from nothing: “I made it from nothin’, I turned into somethin’ from nothin’, yeah, I made it through poverty, I’m the minority, you know my story” I don’t know if you can tell, but I really enjoy actual lyrics that tell a story. 

Krazy but TrueProduced by Wheezy, Frankie Bash, Distance Decay, and Corbin: This whole song is summed up in the first verse: “I’m God to you n****s, I work too hard just to spar with you n****s, you need to pay me my respect, your socks, rings, and your lean, the way you’re dropping mixtapes, your adlibs and everything”. He’s clearly talking to all the young guys that are popular now, that have come up using the style that Future made popular. 

“First Off feat. Travis Scott” Produced by ATL Jacob: This one doesn’t have any meaningful lyrics, it’s just a great song. The Travis Scott feature adds a lot to it as well. This should’ve been the lead single, in my opinion. 

“Tricks on Me” produced by Nineteen85: This song stands out because what he’s saying, it sounds like a call out for help: “Maybe my mind playing tricks on me, Maybe my mind playing tricks on me, Could it be my ex playing tricks on me? Someone that’s jealous playing tricks on me” This was a strong way to end the album.

Eh, It’s Alright

Most of the album is in this section, these aren’t bad songs by any means, they just sound a lot like other Future songs that I’ve heard already. This section won’t get a description for each one, you can listen to them and form your opinion. 

“Rocket Ship” Produced by ATL Jacob

“Crushed Up” Produced by Wheezy, Ricky Racks, and Matt Cap

“Call The Coroner” Produced by TM88, Cubeatz, and ATL Jacob

“Talk Sh*t Like a Preacher” Produced by ATL Jacob

“Promise U That” Produced by Tay Keith, Westen Weiss, and Kyle van Riper

“Stick to the Models” Produced by Jambo and ATL Jacob

“Servin Killa Kam” Produced by Southside and DY

“Faceshot” Produced by Richie Souf

“Ain’t Coming Back” Produced by Richie Souf


I will never listen to any of these songs ever again. If one of these comes on, well, just picture Shannon Sharpe screaming “SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP” because that will be me.

“Jumpin on a Jet” Produced by Southside 

“F&N” Produced by Wheezy, Southside, and ATL Jacob

“Overdose” Produced by Southside

“Baptize” Produced by Southside, Fuse, June the Jenius, and The Loophples

Unicorn Purp feat. Young Thug and Gunna” Produced by ATL Jacob

“Goin Dummi” Produced by Wheezy

Overall Rating

I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t consider Future to be an album artist. Give me some singles or a feature. This is the first time I’ve listened to a Future album beginning to end uninterrupted.

While the album wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard, it’s not a good sign that I’m skipping six of the twenty songs. The only songs that I will replay on my own are the five standouts. The ones that are just “Eh” I won’t play but if they show up on a playlist, I won’t hit skip.

Overall I’ll give this album a 5/10, it’s just not that good.

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