WWE: The New Era and WrestleMania Are Taking Shape

The second Pay-Per-View event in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) took place this past Sunday. The Toyota Center in Houston was the site where history took place and what The New Era promised took shape.

The Elimination Chamber PPV provided some much needed direction as the road to WrestleMania continues to build. After this Sunday’s showcase, there are things to look forward to as WrestleMania is just a month and half away.

1. The Women Continue to Shine Bright

The Elimination Chamber show kicked off with history. For the first-time ever, the WWE crowned their first Women’s Tag Team Championship. This happened in the most dangerous structure in the company, the Elimination Chamber. Three Raw and three SmackDown Live teams battled for history.

The Raw teams featured: Boss N’ Hug Connection(Sasha Banks and Bayley), The Riott Squad(Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan), and The Samoan Slaughterhouse(Nia Jax and Tamina). The SD Live teams had: Fabulous Glow(Carmella and Naomi), The IIconics(Peyton Royce and Billie Kay), and Fire and Desire(Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville).

Boss N’ Hug Connection versus Fire and Desire started this historic match due to losing their matches on their respective brands. However, the two teams stood toe-to-toe when the dust settled.

Fabulous Glow was eliminated first followed by The Riott Squad. Soon after, The Samoan Slaughterhouse were eliminated. Nia Jax attempted to run Bayley through one of the pods but ran through the pod herself leaving Tamina alone. After Bayley was pushed into the edge face first into a pod, Sasha Banks had to be the one fighting for Boss N’ Hug Connection. In a usual Bank Statement, Banks got Deville to tap out. As a result, Boss N’ Hug Connection are now the FIRST-EVER Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Speechless at the sight of holding something historic, Bayley and Sasha had a hard time speaking. The crowd inside the Toyota Center chanted, “You Deserve It,” repeatedly. You could feel the special moment because even the commentary crew were in tears after the event. Banks finally found the words to speak and said they didn’t do this just for the WWE Universe, but for the women in the business of wrestling.

2. The Man Won’t Go Away Quietly

Halfway through the evening, the Raw Women’s Championship was set to be defended. The leader of The Riott Squad, Ruby Riott,got her an opportunity to face the champ, Ronda Rousey.

Before the ladies made their entrances, Rousey’s WrestleMania former opponent Becky Lynch, grabbed a ringside seat for this match.

For those who don’t know, Lynch apologized for actions against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in the week prior, but one McMahon was not satisfied. Vincent Kennedy McMahon was the one not satisfied. He told Becky that she wasn’t the man and he was the man.

McMahon suspended Lynch thus making her ineligible for WrestleMania. He then chose Charlotte as Becky’s replacement to spite her. Sounds familiar right?

Back to the Chamber show, Rousey showed not as herself that night. She channeled her Sonya Blade persona at the Chamber against Riott.

You just knew this was not the night for Riott.

Ronda Blade quickly dispatched of Riott and turned her focus on her Mania opponent. Just when you thought Mania was coming early, The Man injured with crutches limped her way into the ring from the crowd. Thus, The Champ, The Queen, and The Man were in the ring at the same time.

Before you knew, it Becky Lynch assaulted Charlotte with one of the crutches. Ronda grabbed the crutch and was about to hit Charlotte, but Becky took the other crutch and assaulted her. The Man left her mark on the WrestleMania combatants before being escorted out of the building. This is what it means to be on the road to WrestleMania in WWE

3. Title Changes

One thing about Vince McMahon and the WWE is that they are not afraid to change titles on the road to WrestleMania and Sunday proved that. After crowning the first-ever Women’s tag team champs, two of the other six titles changed hands.

After the Women’s Elimination Chamber, the SD Live Tag Team Titles were on the line. Shane McMahon and The Miz defended their titles against arguably the best tag team of this generation in The Usos.

After a great promo showing on SD Live, The Usos found some trouble with Jimmy. He got arrested with disorderly conduct after his wife, Naomi, got caught driving the wrong way. Jimmy took off his shirt and “squared up” against a police officer.

Usually when a superstar gets into with the law, WWE officials hand out a punishment. But remember that the road to WrestleMania is completely different.

In Shane and The Miz’s case, it was their first title defense and second time actually teaming together. Before the match, however, The Miz and his Maryse announced that they are having another baby. Now, with this announcement and the whole Jimmy Uso situation, there was no way The Miz and Shane could lose.

Despite the incident with the police in Detroit and people writing off The Usos, they won. Welcome to The Usos Penitentiary! Could this be the break needed to get Miz and Shane to Mania?

In a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, the Intercontinental Championship match took place.

Bobby Lashley, with his manager Lio Rush, defended his title against the ordinary man that can extraordinary things, Finn Balor. If Balor pinned or submitted either Lashley or Rush, Balor would become the champ. That’s exactly what happened.

Balor took out Lashley and began his route to victory by hitting the Coup de Grace on Rush and pinned Rush for the 1,2,3. Afterwards Lashley power slammed Rush for losing the match and his title.


There are so many other things to takeaway from Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. Kofi Kingston put on a show Sunday as well. With performances like he had on SD Live in the gauntlet match and Sunday inside the Elimination Chamber, Kingston is making people believe in him. Could Kofi be on his way to Mania?

In the end, to understand what is going on in the WWE, just think about WrestleMania. Everything that happens from January through March is all geared towards the Super Bowl of wrestling.

Don’t look at what you want per se, but look at what storylines are on the rise and how do we bring life to it at Mania. WrestleMania is taking shape with a month and half to go.

All in all, you can see Mania forming and The New Era is taking shape after Sunday’s showing.

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